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Working documents are documents relating to the drafting of reports and opinions. The working document format is often used by committees to publish the explanatory statement of their report.
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WORKING DOCUMENT on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Regulation (EC) No 726/2004 as regards the location of the seat of the European Medicines Agency

18-01-2018 ENVI_DT(2018)616672 PE616.672v01-00

Giovanni LA VIA

WORKING DOCUMENT Motion for a resolution pursuant to Rule 106(2), (3) and (4)(c) on the proposal for a Commission Regulation amending Annex II to Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 by setting out scientific criteria for the determination of endocrine disrupting properties (D048947-2017/0000 (RPS))

20-09-2017 ENVI_DT(2017)610739 PE610.739v01-00