Other events

All other public events organised as part of committee activities involving external speakers or experts.

27-11-2018 - Exchange of views - Fisheries Control Regulation (Rapporteur: Isabelle Thomas (S&D))

PECH 27-11-2018 - 16:43
Fishing boat with a zodiac with people on board

An effective control system is essential to ensure that EU fisheries are managed in a sustainable manner, which in turn ensures the long-term viability of the EU fisheries sector.The Commission is proposing a revision of the EU Fisheries Control System by amending the existing framework (Read more)

27-11-2018 - Conference: training SMEs Consumer Law - EP pilot project: taking stock and follow up

IMCO 30-11-2018 - 11:38
conference: Are SMEs ready for consumer law ready?

Of the 22 million companies operating in the EU today, 99.8% are small and medium-sized enterprises. Helping them to comply with the latest consumer legislation contributes to a more vibrant Single Market, both for consumers and businesses alike. BEUC, EUROCHAMBRES, SMEunited, the European Parliament and the European Commission are jointly organising a conference to discuss how to best support SMEs and what the challenges and opportunities are in e-commerce. (Read more)

22-11-2018 - Workshop on Discard Ban, Landing Obligation and MSY in the Western Mediterranean Sea

PECH 22-11-2018 - 12:24
Fishing boat returning to home harbour with lots of seagulls

One of the main novelties of the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy of 2013 is to phase out discards by 1 January 2019. The workshop on 'Discard ban, landing obligation and maximum sustainable yield in the western Mediterranean Sea 'aims to evaluate the impact of the discard ban on maximum sustainable yield, taking into account the proposal for a regulation for the Western Mediterranean . (Read more)

21-11-2018 - European Fisheries Control Agency - Presentation Work programme 2019

PECH 05-12-2018 - 18:27

Presentation Annual Work programme 2019 by Pascal Savouret, Executive Director (Read more)

21-11-2018 - Joint Committee Meeting PETI-JURI-CONT: Exchange of views with Emily O'Reilly

CONT 15-11-2018 - 13:06
Emily O'Reilly puts the transparency of the EU institutions at the top of her agenda after being elected as the new European Ombudsman by MEPs.

On 21.11.2018, there will be a joint committee meeting with PETI-JURI-CONT to hold an exchange of views with the European Ombudsman on her recommendation in joint cases 488/2018/KR and 514/2018/KR on the European Commission's appointment of a new Secretary-General. The meeting is organised in a PETI committee slot. (Read more)

23-10-2018 - ECON/TAX3 Exchange of views with Bruno Le Maire, Minister for Economy and Finance

TAX3 30-10-2018 - 09:36
ECON/TAX3 Exchange of views with Bruno Le Maire, French Minister for Economy and Finance - 23 October 2018

On 23 October from 12.00 to 13.00, in Strasbourg, the Members of the ECON and TAX3 Committees will hold an exchange of views with Mr Bruno Le Maire, the French Minister for Economy and Finance on digital taxation. Current tax rules are not fit for the digital economy. They need to be modernised to ensure that digital companies contribute with their fair share of taxes. (Read more)

18-10-2018 - EPRS Presentation of studies on Golden Visas, Freeports and Shell Companies

TAX3 23-10-2018 - 17:09
TAX3 - EPRS presentation of studies on “Golden visas, free ports, and shell companies in the EU: Money laundering, Tax evasion and Tax avoidance risks”

During its meeting on 18 October, the Parliament’s Research Service (EPRS) will present three ‘in-house’ studies that were commissioned by the TAX3 coordinators as part of the fact finding work of the Committee. Following each presentation there will be rounds of questions and answers. (Read more)

18-10-2018 - Policy Dialogue with EUI: EP Elections - Challenges and Opportunities

AFCO 17-10-2018 - 14:02
EP elections

The Policy Dialogue “EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT ELECTIONS - CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES OF NEW DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES” will bring together Members of European Parliament and staff with academics from the European University Institute (https://www.eui.eu//) via video-conference between Florence and Brussels. The academics invited have done important research on the impact of informational tools on their users in the context of democratic elections. (Read more)

10-10-2018 - Exchange of views with Ms Lapecorella, Chair of the Conduct Group (Business Taxation)

TAX3 18-10-2018 - 17:18
TAX3 meeting of 10 October 2018 - Exchange of views with Fabrizia Lapecorella, Chair of the Code of Conduct Group on Business Taxation

At its meeting of 10 October 2018, the TAX3 Committee will hold an exchange of views with Ms Fabrizia Lapecorella, Chair of the Code of Conduct Group (Business Taxation). The TAX3 Committee has within its remit to assess the methodology, country screening and impact of the EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes (EU blacklist of tax havens), the removal of countries from the list, and the sanctions adopted towards listed countries. (Read more)

10-10-2018 - Study on "VAT fraud: economic impact, challenges and policy issues"

TAX3 07-11-2018 - 17:15
TAX3 Study on "VAT fraud: economic impact, challenges and policy issues"

On 10 October 2018, Ms Marie Lamensch (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) will present the findings of her study on ‘VAT fraud: economic impact, challenges and policy issues’ to the Committee Members. The study describes the key features of the main VAT fraud schemes, assesses the current regulatory framework and the proposals under discussion, and offers a selection of recommendations to tackle VAT fraud, which accounts for billions of euro of lost tax revenue annually. (Read more)