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Next committee meeting on 7 July 2014 in Brussels.
ITRE The impact of oil price on EU energy prices: study

EU energy policy aims at providing a secure, competitive, and sustainable energy to citizens and businesses. However, oil prices have increased considerably over the past years at global level, whereas natural gas and other energy prices have seen differing developments in each world region. This report examines the impact of high oil prices on European energy prices and analyses the underlying mechanisms. Policy options to reduce this impact are discussed.

REGI European economic governance and Cohesion Policy: study

This study analyses the interactions between the wide-ranging economic governance reforms undertaken since 2008 and Cohesion Policy. It details the main changes and analyses how the aims of Cohesion Policy are likely to be affected. It also highlights the challenges of assuring legitimacy and of suitable formulation of Cohesion Policy, not least because of the expanded roles in economic governance of the European Commission and the European Central Bank.

LIBE Review of security measures in the 7th Research Framework Programme: study

This study analyses how the public-private dialogue has been framed and shaped and examines the priorities set up in calls and projects that have received funding from the Commission under the security theme of the 7th Research Framework Programme. It addresses the extent to which security research is placed at the service of citizens and the extent to which it contributes to the development of a single area of fundamental rights and freedoms.

CONT Cigarette smuggling: workshop proceedings

This report contains the proceedings from a workshop on cigarette smuggling held in the European Parliament in January.  Experts from academia and NGOs working in the field were invited to exchange opinions and experiences on tackling the problem of cigarette smuggling. It also includes a briefing note analysing the relationship between EU policy and the illicit trade in tobacco products, as well as an overview of EU agreements with four cigarette manufacturers.

DROI Child soldiers and the EU policy on children and armed conflict: study

This report examines EU policies and action in relation to the problem of children affected by armed conflict and proposes options for the EU in policy and practice. Its findings cover the realities and trends of children affected by armed conflict; legal frameworks and international initiatives; the EU legal and policy framework, as well as initiatives to address the issue; and a case-study on the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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