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Next committee meeting on 4 June 2015 in Brussels.

Tax rulings across the European Union: Workshop

Tax Rulings across the European Union: workshop

TAXE 29-05-2015 - 13:12

A workshop on tax rulings will be held for the Special Committee on Tax Rulings and Other Measures in Nature or Effect, with the participation of academics and experts in the field. The debates will focus on,amongst others, transparency and equality in tax rulings across the European Union and on fiscal state aid and exchange of information. The workshop will take place on 02.06.15.

AFET meeting

EU-UN cooperation: committee debate with UN General Assembly President

AFET DEVE 27-05-2015 - 14:57

The Committees on Foreign Affairs and on Development will meet President of the 69th General Assembly of the UN, H.E. Sam Kahamba Kutesa, during the joint meeting of 03.06.15. The debate will focus on the priorities of the General Assembly, EU-UN cooperation and the complementarity of their objectives and their actions. The meeting will also feed into the Foreign Affairs Committee's non-legislative report on the role of the EU within the UN and how to better achieve EU foreign policy goals.


The situation in the Mediterranean: committee debate with experts

LIBE 01-06-2015 - 09:58

The Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs will discuss the situation in the Mediterranean and the need for a holistic EU approach to migration on 04.06.15. This meeting will take place with the participation of representatives from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) and the Office français de protection des réfugiés et apatrides (OFPRA), amongst others.

Votes in IMCO Committee

Trade in seal products, interoperability solutions: committee votes

IMCO 31-05-2015 - 09:19

The legislative report on trade in seal products will be voted on by the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection on 04.06.15 together with the outcome of trilogues on package travel and on pressure equipment. The Committee will also vote on its opinions on the 2016 budget and on interoperability solutions for European public administrations, businesses and citizens, and on its contribution to the ITRE motion for a resolution for the achievement of a thriving data-driven economy.   


Graphene in Europe: workshop

ITRE ENVI 29-05-2015 - 09:17

The Science and Technology Options Assessment Unit (STOA) will organise a workshop on the development and use of graphene in terms of technology, innovation and industrial competitiveness, on 02.06.15. The debate will focus on the advancement and the innovation potential of graphene and the possible impacts on economy and society. A keynote speech will be held by the 2010 Nobel Prize winner Konstantin Novoselov.

Texts to be put to the vote at committee meetings

Result(s) : 91

DRAFT OPINION on the mandate for the trilogue on the 2016 draft budget

24-04-2015 IMCO_PA(2015)554943 PE 554.943v02-00


Deadline for tabling amendments : 12-05-2015

DRAFT REPORT on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on trade in seal products

01-04-2015 IMCO_PR(2015)552005 PE 552.005v01-00

Cristian-Silviu BUŞOI

Deadline for tabling amendments : 28-04-2015

DRAFT REPORT on the situation of fundamental rights in the European Union (2013-2014)

06-03-2015 LIBE_PR(2015)546782 PE 546.782v01-00


Deadline for tabling amendments : 20-04-2015

DRAFT OPINION on the proposal for a decision of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a programme on interoperability solutions for European public administrations, businesses and citizens (ISA2) - Interoperability as a means for modernising the public sector

03-03-2015 IMCO_PA(2015)539869 PE 539.869v01-00


Deadline for tabling amendments : 31-03-2015

DRAFT REPORT on the proposal for a decision of the European Parliament and of the Council on mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund, in accordance with point 13 of the Interinstitutional Agreement of 2 December 2013 between the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission on budgetary discipline, on cooperation in budgetary matters and on sound financial management (application EGF/2015/000 TA - Technical Assistance at the initiative of the Commission)

02-06-2015 BUDG_PR(2015)557054 PE 557.054v02-00


Deadline for tabling amendments : 03-06-2015

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