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Pilot Projects and Preparatory Actions: 2009-2013

Revision of the MFF 2014-2020 regulation: committee vote

BUDG 27-03-2015 - 11:35

The Committee on Budgets will vote on its report regarding the consent to a Commission proposal to revise the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) regulation 2014-2020. If approved, the proposed adjustment of the MFF ceilings will make it possible to transfer 21 billion euro in unused funding due to the late adoption of new rules or programmes under shared management, to the 2015 budget. The final vote on this revision is scheduled for Parliament's plenary sitting of 15.04.15.


Seafarers rights - information, consultation, fair and just working conditions: vote

EMPL 27-03-2015 - 12:01

On 01.04.15, the committee on Employment and Social Affairs will vote on the draft report and the amendments to the Seafarers Directive, which aims to put an end to the exclusion of seafaring workers from five existing Directives protecting the rights of workers in the European Union.

Texts to be put to the vote at committee meetings

Result(s) : 126

DRAFT OPINION on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Regulation (EU) No 1304/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the European Social Fund, as regards an increase of the initial pre-financing amount paid to operational programmes supported by the Youth Employment Initiative

12-03-2015 BUDG_PA(2015)549406 PE 549.406v02-00


Deadline for tabling amendments : 17-03-2015

DRAFT REPORT on the proposal for a decision of the European Parliament and of the Council on mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund, in accordance with point 13 of the Interinstitutional Agreement of 2 December 2013 between the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission on budgetary discipline, on cooperation in budgetary matters and on sound financial management (application EGF/2014/017 FR/Mory-Ducros, from France)

10-03-2015 BUDG_PR(2015)549437 PE 549.437v01-00


Deadline for tabling amendments : 23-03-2015

DRAFT OPINION on Green growth opportunities for SMEs

02-03-2015 BUDG_PA(2015)546893 PE 546.893v01-00


Deadline for tabling amendments : 19-03-2015

DRAFT RECOMMENDATION on the draft Council regulation amending Regulation (EU, Euratom) No 1311/2013 laying down the multiannual financial framework for the years 2014/2020

23-02-2015 BUDG_PR(2015)549202 PE 549.202v01-00


Deadline for tabling amendments : 11-03-2015

DRAFT OPINION on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on personal protective equipment

23-02-2015 EMPL_PA(2015)544202 PE 544.202v02-00

Laura AGEA

Deadline for tabling amendments : 03-03-2015

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