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Next committee meeting on 7 July 2014 in Brussels.
LIBE Frontex surveillance of the external sea borders: in plenary

The European Parliament will discuss and vote the on the establishment of rules for the surveillance of the external sea borders in the context of operational cooperation coordinated by Frontex during its plenary sittings of 15-16.04.14. The proposal provides for rules as regards the detection and interception, search and rescue as well as disembarkation during sea operations undertaken by Frontex – the European Agency for the Management of External Borders.

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Committees Policy Departments Newsletter: tenth edition

The tenth newsletter of the Policy Departments of the Directorates General for Internal and External Policies is available. Policy Departments provide expertise and policy advice to feed directly into the activities of various parliamentary bodies. This newsletter offers an overview of key documents in preparation and a direct link to major recent publications, including a short description of the subject addressed.

CONT LIBE Protecting the EU's financial interests by means of criminal law: in plenary

The legislative report on the proposed Directive for the protection of the Union's financial interests by means of criminal law will be voted on by the European Parliament during its plenary sitting of 16.04.14. The proposal defines the offences and sanctions in the field of prevention and fight against fraud and other illegal activities affecting the EU’s financial interests. Inter-institutional negotiations on this issue are due to continue in the next parliamentary term.

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ENVI Votes on shipments of waste, plastic bags and honey: plenary votes

Parliament will vote on the outcome of negotiations with Council representatives on seven legislative reports including those on shipments of waste, on reducing the use of plastic carrier bags, on carbon dioxide emissions from maritime transport, on invasive alien species and on honey, during its plenary sittings of 16-17.04.14. The report on fees payable to the European Medicines Agency for the conduct of pharmacovigilance activities will also be voted.

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PECH European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, bluefin tuna, fisheries partnerships: plenary

The legislative text following negotiations with Council representatives on the establishment of a European Maritime and Fisheries Fund will be voted on by the European Parliament on 16.04.14, together with the legislative report on the recovery plan for Bluefin tuna in the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean. The three fisheries partnership agreements of the European Union with Madagascar, the Comoros and the Seychelles will also be voted.

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