A committee is permitted to organise a hearing with experts, where this is considered essential to its work on a particular subject. Hearings can also be held jointly by two or more committees. Most committees organise regular hearings, as they allow them to hear from experts and hold discussions on the key issues. On this page you will find all the available information relating to committee hearings, including programmes and contributions from speakers.

19-06-2018 - The EU’s horizontal regulatory framework for illegal content removal in the DSM

IMCO 18-06-2018 - 18:17
The EU’s horizontal regulatory framework for illegal content removal in the DSM

IMCO committee will hold a public hearing on the 'EU’s horizontal regulatory framework for illegal content removal in the digital single market: Towards a balanced and predictable overall liability regime for online platforms'. The hearing will bring together a number of experts and speakers representing views of online intermediaries, stakeholders, academia and MS authorities to exchange on the existing and the potential future approaches and measures towards tackling, in a balanced & efficient

way, illegal digital content while taking into consideration the existing EU horizontal legal framework and the e- commerce directive 200/31/EC in particular. The hearing will also discuss the way forward proposed in the EU Communication, and the non-binding measures/guidance recommended most recently in the EC Recommendation as well as different approaches to tackling illegal content in the EU adopted by the MS, the experience and good practices developed through voluntary measures, alternative dispute resolutions, cooperation with law enforcement authorities, remedies/redress, and impact on the efficiency and smooth functioning of the Single Market.

This hearing is open to the public. To obtain an entrance badge to theEP please send an email to imco-secretariat@europarl.europa.eu providing the following details: full name, date of birth, nationality, the type of identity card (passport, drivers licence, ID card etc.), the number of the ID card) no later than 15/06/18 at 18:00

Location : József Antall building, room 4Q1

    Draft programme
    Vademecum of speakers


      D. KELLER - Center for Internet and Society (Stanford University)
      M. PANCINI - Google/Youtube