2014 IMCO activities


Activity Report - 6th legislative term


NLF alignment package

Public Procurement: Classic Directive

Public Procurement: Utilities Directive

Award of concessions contracts

Recognition of professional qualifications

Harmonisation of laws of MS relating to the making available on the market of pyrotechnic articles

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Online Dispute Resolution

Approval and market surveillance of two-, three- and four-wheel vehicles

Approval of agricultural or forestry vehicles





Report of Mario Monti on the relaunch of the Single Market

  • A new strategy for the single market English
  • Eine neue Strategie für den Binnenmarkt German
  • Une nouvelle stratégie pour le marché unique French
  • Una nuova strategia per il mercato unico Italian
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Welcome words

The Single Market and its free movement of people, goods and services is one of the absolute foundations of the EU. It has provided prosperity and growth, jobs, mobility and freedom of choice to Europe's citizens and businesses.
In the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer protection, we believe that citizens must be placed at the heart of the Single Market. It is our mission to ensure that people can establish themselves anywhere within the EU, to work, study or set up a business.
We want to make sure that consumers know their rights and feel assured that they are safe and protected when buying products in the EU, whether in their local shop or when shopping online across borders.
We aim to make clear rules for businesses, and to make life simpler for small firms while expanding their market opportunities in making, selling or providing services.
The Internal Market Committee initiated the Single Market Act to give a fresh impetus to the Single Market. We remain committed to deliver on its proposals as quickly as possible. Only a well functioning Single European Market can ensure our prosperity and competitiveness in the world in the decades to come.
Malcolm Harbour CBE
Chair of the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection