2014 IMCO activities


Activity Report - 6th legislative term


NLF alignment package

Public Procurement: Classic Directive

Public Procurement: Utilities Directive

Award of concessions contracts

Recognition of professional qualifications

Harmonisation of laws of MS relating to the making available on the market of pyrotechnic articles

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Online Dispute Resolution

Approval and market surveillance of two-, three- and four-wheel vehicles

Approval of agricultural or forestry vehicles





Report of Mario Monti on the relaunch of the Single Market

  • A new strategy for the single market English
  • Eine neue Strategie für den Binnenmarkt German
  • Une nouvelle stratégie pour le marché unique French
  • Una nuova strategia per il mercato unico Italian
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The IMCO Committee is responsible for legislative oversight and scrutiny for EU rules on the free movement of goods and services, free movement of professionals, customs policy, standardisation and the economic interests of consumers.  The committee members work to reduce barriers to economic trade and simplify legislation to enhance competitiveness across the Single Market (SM), while taking care for consumer interests in a wide range of sectors.
You can follow our Committee's work on this site which includes agendas, meeting documents, information on hearings/workshops, video streaming and our newsletter.
A well-run SM is key to unlocking prosperity, innovation and greater competitiveness which benefits businesses and consumers.  We have many challenges and opportunities ahead, especially unlocking the potential of the Digital Single Market and the single market in services.  
Our mission is to ensure safe products, safeguard consumer rights, keep consumers informed about products/services, crack down on anti-competitive behaviour and reduce administrative burdens.
The committee works with all EU Member States to ensure that SM rules are practicable and that they are properly implemented and enforced on time.
It is a privilege to Chair this important Committee, and to work with members from across the political spectrum to bring real benefits to consumers, businesses and other organisations across the SM.
Vicky Ford