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Working Group on the Digital Single Market

IMCO 23-11-2017 - 09:36

The IMCO Working Group (WG) on the Digital Single Market (DSM) restarted its activities on 02.03.15 under the Chairmanship of Ms Thun. Created in 2011, the WG led to the adoption of a number of parliamentary resolutions and became a key platform for in-depth discussion where Members of the EP, the EC, stakeholders and experts exchange views, identify new opportunities and challenges, remaining barriers and propose concrete measures to overcome them in order to make the DSM in the EU a reality.

The importance of the digital economy is widely acknowledged, and the EU has adopted numerous initiatives over the past years to promote the DSM and to exploit the growth opportunities offered by the digital economy. In the past few years, important progress has been made but, however, it is clear that the DSM is far from complete: business and consumers continue facing significant barriers that prevent them from reaping the full benefits it has to offer. The WG Group will continue pursuing its aim of advancing further towards completion of the DSM, unleashing its potential and capitalise on new business opportunities that the digital economy could bring to the EU.

WG Chair: Ms R. Thun Und Hohenstein (EPP)

Honorary Members: Mrs. V. Ford (ECR), Mrs. A. M. CORAZZA BILDT (EPP), Mrs. D. CHARANZOVA (ALDE), Mrs. C. STIHLER, (S&D), Mr. N. DANTI (S&D).

Meeting of 22 November 2017

    Draft programme


      Powerpoint presentation by Prof. Dr. S. J. Barnes (CODA Research Centre King’s College London)
      Powerpoint presentation by G. Monti (European University Institute)
      Powerpoint presentation by P. Lochbihler (

Meeting of 10 October 2017

    Draft programme

Curriculum Vitae

      Dr. Charlotte Duke (London Economics)


      Powerpoint presentation by C. Duke (London Economics)

Meeting of 26 June 2017

    Draft programme


      Powerpoint presentation by Prof. G. Sartor (University of Bologna and Eurpean University Institute of Florence)
      Powerpoint presentation by Prof. J.B. Nordemann (Humbold University - Berlin)

Meeting of 22 March 2017

    Draft agenda

Curriculum vitae

      Dr Aneta Wiewiorowska (Osnabrück University)


      Dr. Aneta Wiewiórowska (European Legal Studies Institute Osnabrück)

Meeting of 14 November 2016

    Draft programme

Curriculum Vitae

      Pr. Giorgio Monti (European University Institute, Florence)
      Pr. Georgios Petropoulos (Research Fellow, Bruegel)


      Powerpoint presentation by M. Poiares Maduro and G. Monti (European University Institute)
      Powerpoint presentation by J. Stuyck, Emeritus Professor Consumer Law (KU Leuven)
      Speech By Professor M. Poiares Maduro (European University Institute)
      Powerpoint presentation by Dr. G. Petropoulos, Research Fellow, Bruegel

Meeting of 12 October 2016

    Draft programme

Curriculum vitae

      Pr. Alexandre de Streel (University of Namur)


      Powerpoint presentation by A. Renda (CEPS)
      Powerpoint presentation by A. de Streel (University of Namur)
      Powerpoint presentation by U. Pachl (BEUC)

Meeting of 20 June 2016

    Draft programme


      Powerpoint presentation by A. D. Williams (DEEP Centre)
      Powerpoint presentation by F. Simonelli (CEPS)
      Comments from B. Schmitz (Union Luxembourgeoise des Consommateurs)

Meeting of 19 April 2016

    Draft agenda


      Powerpoint presentation by A. Dieke (WIK Consult)
      Powerpoint presentation by C. Kalla-Bishop (International Post Corporation)
      Powerpoint presentation by R. Brzoska (InPost)

Meeting of 16 February 2016

    Draft agenda


      PowerPoint presentation by S. Herwig (Mindbase Strategic Consulting)
      PowerPoint presentation by R. Atkinson (Information Technology and Innovation Foundation)

Meeting of 16 November 2015

    Draft agenda


      Position paper by Annick De Chaunac (Hermes)
      PowerPoint presentation by Annick De Chaunac (Hermes)
      PowerPoint presentation by Neil Pattemore (FIGIEFA)
      Powerpoint Presention by Laurianne Krid (FIA)

Meeting of 28 September 2015

    Draft agenda

Powerpoint presentations

      Powerpoint presentation by Ursula Pachl (BEUC)
      Powerpoint presentation by Linda Griffin (King)

Meeting of 26 May 2015

26 May 2015

      Draft agenda
      Powerpoint presentation by Despina Spanou (DG JUST)

Meeting of 14 April 2015

14 April 2015

      Draft agenda
      PPT presentation by Paul De Bijl (Radicand Economics and Lexonomics)
      PPT presentation by Chris Sherwood (AllegroGroup)
      Feedback note

Meeting of 02 March 2015

02 March 2015

      Draft agenda
      Powerpoint presentation by Edwin Maaskant (Gartner Consulting)
      J. Rifkin - A Smart Green Third Industrial Revolution - Digital Europe

Meeting of 5 June 2013

    Agenda: Concluding session: the way forward - strength, … for the DSM in Europe
    PPT presentation: Discrimination of the Consumers in the DSM (H. Schulte-Nölke)
    PPT presentation: Performance-Based Full Policy Cycle for DSM (London Economics)
    PPT presentation: New Developments of the DSM (A. F. van Veenstra - J. Scott Marcus)

Meeting of 16 May 2013

    Agenda: Putting in place key enablers to encourage business/consumers to make … (II)
    PPT presentation: The European Parcel Delivery Market (A. Lemmer)
    PPT presentation: Towards an integrated parcel delivery market (A. Kobe)
    PPT presentation: Copyright Law in the EU Digital Single Market (G. Mazziotti)

Meeting of 11 April 2013

    Agenda: Putting in place key enablers to encourage business/consumers to make use…
    PPT presentation: State-of-the-Art - Mobile Internet connectivity (Scott Marcus)
    PPT presentation: A Digital Single Market for ICT Business Services (Kupfer)
    PPT presentation: Building trust and consumer confidence (Kanellopoulou)
    PPT presentation: Price comparison tools: potential means for consumer (Lipman)
    PPT presentation: Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs (Ulbrich)
    Study: EU online Trustmarks - Building Digital - Confidence in Europe (EC)
    Comparing comparison sites (Consumer Focus)
    Study: Business communications, economic growth, competitive challenge (ECTA - INTUG)

Meeting of 7 March 2013

    Agenda: Promoting access to attractive legal offers of online products and services
    PPT presentation: Article 20(2) Services Directive (EC)
    The implementation of article 20.2 of the Services Directive (Fedil)
    PPT presentation: EU competition law, supply/distribution agreements (L. Peeperkorn)
    PPT presentation: The Implementation of Article 20.2of the Services Directive (ECCA)

Meeting of 31 January 2013

    Agenda: the potential of the digital single market for growth & jobs
    Intervention by Pablo Arias Eccheveria
    PPT presentation: E-Commerce developments in Europe (EMOTA)
    Briefing Note: Roadmap to Digital Single Market (Bolognini-Legovini)
    PPT presentation: Cross border experiences (Intrastores)

Resolutions related to the working group

    European Parliament resolution of 4 July 2013
    Motion for Resolution on "Completing the Digital Single Market"
    Amendments from other committees to Draft MoR "Completing the Digital Single Market"
    Amendments to the Draft Motion for Resolution: "Completing the Digital Single Market"
    Draft Motion for Resolution on "Completing the Digital Single Market"
    Resolution of 11 December 2012 'Completing the Digital Single Market'
    Resolution of 22 September 2010 'Completing the internal Market for E-Commerce'

Position papers

    Online intermediaries - impact on the EU Economy (EDiMA)
    Input for the working group on the DSM and e-commerce (EuroCommerce)

Past meetings

    Notice to Members and Working Document (Cycle 2)
    Conclusions of the Working Group - 22 June 2011 (Cycle 1)
    Notice to Members - 16 June 2011 (Cycle 1)