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Geo-blocking regulation

IMCO 07-12-2018 - 10:43
geo-blocking regulation

As part of its eCommerce package, the EC presented on 25.05.16 a proposal for a regulation on addressing geo-blocking and other forms of discrimination based on customers' nationality, place of residence or place of establishment. The purpose of the regulation is to ensure that customers have the same access to goods and services as local customers. The Regulation builds upon the provisions of the Services Directive (Art 20), which already establishes the principle for non-discrimination,

but has proven difficult to enforce in practice due to legal uncertainty concerning what practices would or not be considered justified.

The regulation seeks to provide more legal certainty and enforceability by defining specific situations when there can be no justified reason for discrimination on the grounds of nationality/residence. It also bans the blocking of access to websites and the use of automatic re-routing without the customer's prior consent; and includes provisions of non-discrimination within accepted payment means.

Council adopted its negotiating mandate in November 2016. Parliament, led by IMCO, is currently going through its first reading.

Rapporteur: R. Thun Und Hohenstein (EPP)

Shadows: V. Rozière (S&D), A. Van Bossuyt (ECR), D. Charanzová (ALDE), D. De Jong (GUE/NGL), J. Reda (Greens/ALE)

JURI Rapporteur (rule 54): L. J. Geringer De Oedenberg (S&D)