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All announcements

Exchange of views on "Conflict minerals"

In order to break the link between illegal extraction of minerals, trade and financing of armed conflicts, the Commission has come up with a proposals, aiming to contribute to existing instruments such as the American Dodd-Frank Act and the OECD Due Diligence Guidance.
INTA Members will start their consideration of the proposal next week during the first exchange of views with the Commission. They will consider whether the proposed voluntary system is sufficiently attractive for companies to join in or whether a mandatory system needs to be set up.

The EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement

The EU and Singapore have initialled the text of a free trade agreement on 20 September 2013, while negotiations on investment continued. Conclusion of this final chapter marks the end of the FTA negotiations which have started in March 2010. Members will discuss with the EU Chief Negotiator particularly the outcome of the negotiations on investment, including the provisions on investor-state dispute settlement.

Autonomous trade preferences for the Republic of Moldova

The Committee on International Trade (INTA) will consider a draft report by Sorin Moisa (S&D) on the Commission's proposal to extend the EU Autonomous Trade Preferences (ATPs) for Moldova to cover apples, grapes and fresh plums. The proposal comes in reaction to the Russian politically motivated ban on imports of Moldovan fruits introduced after the signature of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement. The proposed preferences would provide some benefits and immediate relief to the Moldovan economy, while having very limited impact on the EU market. Given the importance of fruits' exports for Moldovan economy the rapporteur proposes to take over the proposal without amendments.

INTA Public hearing: "EU-Myanmar Investment Agreement"

Since 2011 the European Union has been demonstrating willingness to support democratic transition in Myanmar in reinstating trade preferences and launching negotiations over an investment agreement. Myanmar needs investments, European companies need protection. Myanmar's neighbours do not wait: already eight investment agreements have been signed by Myanmar. With a large set of experts, Committee on International Trade will analyse the incoming negotiations, taking into account the political situation in the country.
The hearing will take place on 6 November 2014 at 10.30 (room: Altiero Spinelli ASP 3G-3).

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