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Draft agendas are the published agendas for committee meetings, which are held at least once a month. In these meetings committees discuss, exchange views and take votes on draft legislative documents and amendments, and often hold discussions with experts. Please note that last minute changes to the order of business in a committee meeting may not always be included in the draft agenda.
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DRAFT AGENDA - Tuesday 22 July 2014 - Tuesday 22 July 2014

Date : 10-07-2014

Reference :

INTA_OJ(2014)07-22_1 PE 536.174v01-00

Documents in dossier INTA/8/00717

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Since the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty, the EP has a decisive role to play in the definition of the Union's trade policy and acts as its democratic conscience. This is of particular importance since trade legislation and international trade agreements can only be implemented with the agreement of the EP.
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