A committee is permitted to organise a hearing with experts, where this is considered essential to its work on a particular subject. Hearings can also be held jointly by two or more committees. Most committees organise regular hearings, as they allow them to hear from experts and hold discussions on the key issues. On this page you will find all the available information relating to committee hearings, including programmes and contributions from speakers.

31-08-2017 - The revision of the EU Strategy on Aid for Trade

DEVE INTA 28-08-2017 - 18:53
DEVE/INTA hearing on Aid for Trade

The Committee on Development and the Committee on International Trade (INTA) are organising jointly a hearing on the revision of the EU Strategy on Aid for Trade, taking place on Thursday, 31 August, 9.00-11.00. (Read more)

20-06-2017 - Intellectual Property Rights in International Trade

INTA 07-08-2017 - 11:35
Image of the world map with magnifying glass focused on phrase "intellectual property"

Members of INTA Committee heard from experts, academics and industry how current IPRs impact trade and in turn how trade impacts IPRs. The hearing aimed at providing a view on existing IPR provisions in free trade agreements, their implementation and enforcement, possible improvements for the future, while taking account of the WTO and WIPO frameworks. (Read more)

11-05-2017 - Gender Equality in EU Trade Agreements – INTA-FEMM hearing

FEMM INTA 09-06-2017 - 10:15
Gender Equality in EU Trade agreements INTA-FEMM hearing 11 May 2016

The hearing counted with the participation of Ms Marzia Fontana, Research Associate at SOAS, University of London; Ms Mariama Williams, Senior Programme Officer at the South Centre; Ms Gea Meijers, Member of WIDE+ Trade and Gender WG; Ms Paola Subacchi, Chatham House and a representative from DG TRADE (EC). The hearing gave elements for drafting a future own initiative report. (Read more)

04-05-2017 - Rules of Origins in Trade in Goods

INTA 07-08-2017 - 11:45
Image of shipping containers and cranes symbolising trade, import and export

The misuse of rules of origin may transform them into a trade policy instrument hampering the smooth running of trade. INTA heared from academic, practitioners and government representatives what are the shortcomings of the current system and how they can best be addressed in the light of increasingly faster and more connected global value chains. (Read more)

03-05-2017 - Business and human rights in EU External Policies

DROI INTA 17-05-2017 - 14:26

The Subcommittee on Human Rights and the Committee on International Trade will hold a joint hearing on 'Business and human rights in EU External Policies: due diligence, non-financial reporting and access to remedies' (Read more)

21-03-2017 - Dual-use reform: How to “future-proof” EU export controls?"

INTA 20-04-2017 - 15:59
Images of different technologies symbolizing use of the same materials in different industries

Trade MEPs discussed with various experts and stakeholders how to make the EU export control regime 'future-proof'. The following issues were addressed: due diligence, human rights, catch-all clauses, new surveillance technologies, intangible transfers, a new licensing architecture, to name just a few. The public hearing fed into the Committee's deliberations of the Commission's proposal for reviewing 'Dual Use’ regulation. (Read more)

28-02-2017 - the EU’s Trade Defence Instruments

INTA 14-03-2017 - 11:15
Image of loaded container ship with goods

The aim of the hearing was to look at the options for the future of the EU’s Trade Defence Instruments (TDI). The hearing was composed of two panels bringing together different stakeholders representing large range of businesses, trade unions, academics, and the European Commission. (Read more)

24-01-2017 - Trade and investment prospects in Iran

INTA 14-03-2017 - 11:17
Image of a highway in the evening

The main focus of the hearing was an exchange of views on the state of play of the EU-Iran economic relations one year after the end of the economic sanctions, and following the so-called "Iran nuclear deal" between the international community and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Members and invited experts also discussed the possible next steps envisaged to reinforce the EU-Iran bilateral trade and economic relations. (Read more)

09-11-2016 - Trade Policy Day

INTA 14-12-2016 - 15:43
Image of a globe with letters global trade

One year after the adoption of the Commission`s new trade and investment strategy entitled "Trade for all", the aim of the Trade Policy Day was to analyse and discuss with high-level guests, stakeholders and the civil society the state of play of the Union`s Common Commercial Policy and analyse the legitimacy of trade policy. (Read more)

12-10-2016 - "Trade policy and the sustainability of wildlife"

INTA 03-11-2016 - 10:27
Image of an elephant on savannah

The hearing brought together experts from the European Commission, World Customs Organisation, NGOs, law enforcement and the private sector. Together with the Members of the Committee on International Trade they analysed the links between trade policy, the implementation of free trade agreements and EU responsibilities for sustainable development, in particular, wildlife protection. (Read more)