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14-01-2015 - 17:04
Extraordinary meeting of the ITRE Committee: Creation of a European Energy Union, Presentation by the Vice-President of the Commission for Energy Union Maros Sefcovic

ITRE Committee Meeting will be held on Wednesday 15 July (9.00 - 12.30, 15.00 - 18.30) and Thursday 16 July 2015 (9.00 - 12.30, 15.00 - 18.30) in PHS 03C50, Brussels.

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Study on "Ocean Research in Horizon 2020: The Blue Growth Potential"
Study on "Recovery of Rare Earths from Electonic Wastes: An Opportunity for High-Tech SMEs"
Study on "EU Energy Governance for the Future"
Study on "TTIP Impacts on European Energy Markets and Manufacturing Industries"
Briefing note on 'Recent trends in Energy prices'

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Cross Competition among Information (Digital) Platforms

12-06-2015 - 10:01

The workshop, prepared by Policy Department A for the ITRE committee, addressed the questions "should we avoid global information monopolies, and what place for European platforms?" It concludes that it is unclear how dominant large digital platforms actually are. Markets are often contestable due to dynamic competition for the market. Policy should focus on paving the way for European champions and there is a need for revising non-digital policies governing traditional industries in order to remove barriers for enterprises to adapt to new realities.

Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska in ITRE Committee

04-06-2015 - 14:04

On 23rd June the Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs Elżbieta Bieńkowska will present to ITRE Members her vision on the future of the industrial policy and implementation of the industrial strategy.

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Cheaper mobile calls and open internet: MEPs and ministers strike informal deal

ITRE 30-06-2015 - 12:42

An informal deal to ban surcharges ("roaming fees") for making mobile phone calls, sending text messages or using the internet while abroad in another EU country from 15 June 2017 was struck by MEPs and EU ministers in the small hours of Tuesday morning. MEPs also inserted guarantees that all internet traffic is treated equally, without discrimination. To enter into force, this informal deal needs to be formally endorsed by the full Parliament and the Council of Ministers. (Read more)

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23-06-2015 - 15:14
ITRE Meeting
17-06-2015 - 15:03

Welcome words

J. Buzek

With reindustrialization as the overarching aim, the ITRE Committee will have four priority areas on which to concentrate.

First of all, we must ensure that EU’s legal and economic framework enables the European industrial sector to become more innovative. This will require adapting and mobilizing EU’s R&D and education programs to effectively respond to the actual needs of the industry.

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The Assessment of Scientific and Technological Policy Options for the European Parliament.