Workshops are organised by the policy departments and enable members to put questions to and exchange views with experts on subjects associated with parliamentary business or subjects of current interest. They are not necessarily held in public but may be held during a committee meeting.

20-06-2017 - Potential & challenges of private international law in the current migratory context

JURI 05-12-2017 - 16:16
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On 20 June, the Policy Department for Citizens Rights and Constitutional Affairs organised a workshop on "Potential and challenges of private international law in the current migratory context" for the JURI Committee.

While Private International Law governs relations between persons coming from or living in different States, migration law regulates the flow of people between States. Rights related to migration often depend on private relations (marriage, parentage) or personal status (age); and global migration flows put traditional rules on applicable (foreign) law and jurisdiction under strain. The workshop aimed to examine the ways in which these two fields of law interface and how to ensure a more coherent and efficient approach. It examined in particular how traditional private international law solutions and tools can offer innovative ways to address issues of immigration law, ensuring better protection to those who most need it (in particular, children on the move) and easier coordination between different authorities across Europe.

Location : Brussels, ASP 3G3


  • Policy Department for Citizens' Rights and Constitutional Affairs