Workshops are organised by the policy departments and enable members to put questions to and exchange views with experts on subjects associated with parliamentary business or subjects of current interest. They are not necessarily held in public but may be held during a committee meeting.

22-02-2018 - Workshop on text and data mining

JURI 23-02-2018 - 14:10

The Policy Department for Citizens' Rights and Constitutional Affairs of the European Parliament organised a workshop on "Text and data mining"(TDM). The workshop aimed at examining the TDM process and the legal aspects linked to copyright in the context of the Commission’s proposal for a Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market which introduces a mandatory exception to copyright when carrying out text and data mining of protected works.

To this aim, the Members of the Committee heard Dr Eleonora Rosati (Southampton University) explain the procedure of TDM and the state of the art to a non-IT affiliated audience, including the different steps in the process of TDM, the technical requirements and the tools necessary for the different stages of the TDM process. A second speaker, Professor Christophe Geiger (Strasbourg University), focused on the legal aspects of TDM and explained at which stage or degree of the process intellectual property rights can be affected.

The presentations were followed by a "questions & answers" session with the Members of the JURI Committee.


  • Policy Department for Citizens' Rights and Constitutional Affairs