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External dimension of asylum and migration policies

LIBE 21-11-2017 - 16:41
Burden-sharing and good integration policies are key, UN Special Adviser Karen AbuZayd told MEPs ahead of a global summit on refugee and migrant flows.

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In the context of the refugee and migration crisis, the Commission has presented a European Agenda for Migration in 2015 which included proposals for four areas of action:
- Reducing the incentives for irregular migration
- Border management - saving lives and securing external borders
- Europe's duty to protect: a strong common asylum policy
- A new policy on legal migration
As it was confirmed in the LIBE report on "The situation in the Mediterranean and a holistic approach to migration", these four areas afford actions inside the European Union, like the reform of the Common European Asylum System, or a revision of the Blue Card Directive for attracting skilled workers. However, there is also a need for external action, which increasingly influences internal policies of the Union. Examples are visa, return and readmission policies, the EU-Turkey statement, and the new partnership framework for the cooperation with third countries in the area of migration.

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Progress Reports on the Partnership Framework with third countries under the European Agenda on Migration


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