Notices to members

Notices to members are used by the committees to transmit information to their members that does not fit into one of the other document types. For example, information such as a summary of a delegation visit, a meeting with an expert, questions to a Commissioner, or the publication of petitions received.
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NOTICE TO MEMBERS - Petition No 1102/2016 by D.D.N. (Spanish) on behalf of the United Left – Santa Marta de Tormes Greens, on regeneration work on the island of El Soto in Santa Marta de Tormes, Salamanca

16-10-2017 PETI_CM(2017)610615 PE 610.615v01-00

Documents in dossier PETI/8/10992

NOTICE TO MEMBERS - Petition No 1363/2016 by Manuela Benetollo (Italian) on sustainable development in Verona

16-10-2017 PETI_CM(2017)610616 PE 610.616v01-00

Documents in dossier PETI/8/10992

NOTICE TO MEMBERS - Petition No 1407/2016 by I.L. (German) regarding alleged infringement by the Ravensburg utilities company of EU public procurement rules

16-10-2017 PETI_CM(2017)610617 PE 610.617v01-00

Documents in dossier PETI/8/10992

NOTICE TO MEMBERS - Petition 1710/2013 by Kyriakos Gkikas (Greek) on the Fyli landfill and its impact on the environment and the health of local residents Petition No 2887/2013 by Harilaos Marmaros (Greek) , on behalf of the Struggle Committee of Fyli (Epitropi Agona Fylis), bearing 1 520 signatures, on the effects of the sanitary landfill on the surrounding area and its residents, as well as on its definitive closure.

11-10-2017 PETI_CM(2017)541580 PE 541.580v02-00

Documents in dossier PETI/8/01953

NOTICE TO MEMBERS - Petition No 0161/2017 by Alberto Arranz Santander (Spanish) on the ECB’S banking practices

09-10-2017 PETI_CM(2017)612107 PE 612.107v01-00

Documents in dossier PETI/8/11096

  COMMUNICATION AUX MEMBRES - Pétition n° 0286/2014, présentée par Kyriakos Gkikas , de nationalité grecque, sur la pollution de la rivière Asopos (Grèce) au chrome hexavalent

06-10-2017 PETI_CM(2017)557381 PE 557.381v04-00

Documents in dossier PETI/8/03574

  COMMUNICATION AUX MEMBRES - Pétition 37/2005, présentée par Mme Laurence de la Martinière, de nationalité française, au nom de l'association A.D.I.P.H.C.M., sur l'implantation d'un grand contournement autoroutier autour de la ville d'Orléans

06-10-2017 PETI_CM(2017)582255 PE 582.255v02-00

Documents in dossier PETI/8/06410

NOTICE TO MEMBERS - Petition 1497/2016 by Panagiotis Leliatsos (Greek) on the abusive bank fees imposed on businesses for electronic transactions

04-10-2017 PETI_CM(2017)609451 PE 609.451v02-00

Documents in dossier PETI/8/10564

NOTICE TO MEMBERS - Petition 2191/2013 by Piero Bruni (Italian) on pollution of Lake Bolsena

02-10-2017 PETI_CM(2017)551817 PE 551.817v04-00

Documents in dossier PETI/8/02955

NOTICE TO MEMBERS - Petition 1060/2013 by Mihaela Petrescu (Romanian and Italian) on unlawful name change requirement in connection with the award of Italian citizenship

02-10-2017 PETI_CM(2017)557056 PE 557.056v02-00

Documents in dossier PETI/8/03394