A committee is permitted to organise a hearing with experts, where this is considered essential to its work on a particular subject. Hearings can also be held jointly by two or more committees. Most committees organise regular hearings, as they allow them to hear from experts and hold discussions on the key issues. On this page you will find all the available information relating to committee hearings, including programmes and contributions from speakers.

09-10-2017 - Super-trawlers: destructive or sustainable?

PECH 12-10-2017 - 15:19
picture of a Super-trawler

On 9 October 2017 the Committee on Fisheries will organise a Public Hearing on "Super-trawlers: destructive or sustainable?".

The objective of this hearing is to better understand the role of super-trawlers from the point of view of the industry as well as from a small-scale and artisanal perspective and at the same time to analyse the environmental and ecological aspects of super-trawlers.

    Attachment - Presentation by Pavel Klinckhamers (Greenpeace)
    Attachment - Presentation by Brian O'Riordan (LIFE Platform)
    Attachment - Presentation by Gerard van Balsfoort (Europeche)
    Attachment - Presentation by Prof. Pere Puig Alenyà (ICM-CSIC)