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Next meeting of the Committee on Fisheries (PECH)

The next meeting will take place on:
  • Wednesday 5 November from 15:00 - 18:30 and Thursday 6 November from 9:00 - 12:30 and 15:00 - 18:30
  • in room Paul Henri Spaak  - PHS 5B001
This meeting will mainly consist of exchange of views on various topics and the public hearing on The Oyster Industry in Europe: Challenges for Producers which will be the main item on the agenda of Thursday afternoon.

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Hearing on the Oyster Industry in Europe: Challenges for producers

On 6 November 2014, the PECH Committee will hold a hearing with representatives of the oyster industry and scientific experts in the field. The hearing will focus on revisiting the current state of the oyster sector in Europe and the challenges that the producers face, specifically issues concerning oyster health and the actions which need to be taken to ensure a better future for the oyster industry.

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Landing obligation

Landing obligation - and ban on discards of catches that it entails - is one of the key elements resulting from the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). The Commission proposal paves way for a speedy implementation of the ban on discards. The PECH Committee presented the draft report on landing obligation at its committee meeting on 16 October. Members have until the 21 October to table amendments to the draft report which will then be voted at the committee meeting of 3 December.

Hearing of Commissioner-designate Vella

On Monday 29 September, the PECH and the ENVI committee jointly heard Karmenu Vella, the Commissioner-designate for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.
The hearing began with a short speech of the Commissioner-designate outlining the main priorities in his prospective portfolio and the initiatives he considered putting forward during his mandate. Following his introductory remarks, Mr Vella replied to questions from Members of both PECH and ENVI Committees. The Transport committee Members also posed some questions. Following the hearing the committee coordinators met to evaluate the Commissioner-designate and sent their evaluation to the Conference of Committee Chairs. More details on the outcome of this hearing will be available later.

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"The priorities of the Italian Council Presidency were outlined to the various parliamentary committees by Italian ministers in a series of meetings held in July and September."

Committee responsible for:
1.    the operation and development of the common fisheries policy and its management;
2.    the conservation of fishery resources, the management of fisheries and fleets exploiting such resources and marine and applied fisheries research;
3.    the common organisation of the market in fishery and aquaculture products and the processing and marketing thereof;
4.    structural policy in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors, including the financial instruments and funds for fisheries guidance to support these sectors;
5.    the integrated maritime policy as regards fishing activities;
6.    sustainable fisheries partnership agreements, regional fisheries organisations and the implementation of international obligations in the field of fisheries.
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This site contains a wealth of information about the work of the Committee on Fisheries, including agendas and other meeting documents, our monthly newsletter Trawler and details of the public hearings we hold.  Our home page also provides regular updates about significant events and developments involving the committee.
The focus of our work during the eighth parliamentary term will undoubtedly be the ongoing reform of the common fisheries policy, a process in which Parliament has played an important role over the past few months.  Fisheries policy has to reconcile the interests of a wide range of stakeholders, with a view to safeguarding the long-term viability of the marine environment and fish stocks, the livelihoods of fishermen and the future of fisheries-related industries and coastal communities. This new, ambitious policy brings with it many challenges, ones which the EU institutions are determined to meet.
We believe that keeping EU citizens properly informed about the policy-making process can only help us to make better decisions.  I am sure that this website will play its part by giving people a clearer insight into our day-to-day activities.
Alain Cadec
Chair of the Committee on Fisheries