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Draft agendas are the published agendas for committee meetings, which are held at least once a month. In these meetings committees discuss, exchange views and take votes on draft legislative documents and amendments, and often hold discussions with experts. Please note that last minute changes to the order of business in a committee meeting may not always be included in the draft agenda.
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Welcome to the web pages of the Committee on Petitions where you can find information about the work and activities of the committee which I have presided since 2009.
The right to petition, contained in the Treaty on European Union, is a fundamental right inextricably linked to its citizenship. It is an important and often effective way for people to be directly involved in the Parliament's activity and to have their concerns, proposals or complaints specifically addressed by the Committee members.
The Committee often responds to petitions from EU citizens by working to resolve possible infringements of citizens' rights under the Treaty and by cooperating with national, regional and local authorities on issues related to the application of European laws on such subjects as the environment, social affairs, freedom of movement and so on.
It is an investigative committee, not a legislative one, and it tries to ensure non-judicial remedies are possible for citizens when their claims are substantiated. It can organise fact-finding visits and report to plenary.
It thus plays a vital role in reconnecting with European citizens and in reinforcing the democratic legitimacy and accountability of the EU decision-making process.
Erminia Mazzoni