A committee is permitted to organise a hearing with experts, where this is considered essential to its work on a particular subject. Hearings can also be held jointly by two or more committees. Most committees organise regular hearings, as they allow them to hear from experts and hold discussions on the key issues. On this page you will find all the available information relating to committee hearings, including programmes and contributions from speakers.


11-05-2017 - The situation and rights of EU citizens in the UK

LIBE EMPL PETI 18-04-2017 - 16:32

In its Resolution of 5 April 2017 on negotiations with the United Kingdom following its notification that it intends to withdraw from the European Union, the European Parliament advocated for the fair treatment of EU-27 citizens living or having lived in the United Kingdom and of United Kingdom citizens living or having lived in the EU-27. (Read more)

11-10-2016 - Hearing on Obstacles to EU citizen’s freedom to move and work in the Internal Market

PETI 17-10-2016 - 12:18

The Committee on Petitions has lately received a considerable number of petitions alleging breaches of citizens' freedom to move and work in the Union. Participants to the hearing addressed the issues raised in the petitions notably on the basis of the analysis of some selected provisions of the Free Movement Directive in 9 Member States. (Read more)

21-06-2016 - Transparency and freedom of information within the EU institutions

PETI 22-06-2016 - 09:38

A public hearing on transparency and free access to information and documents was held by the Committee on Petitions. These issues were discussed with particular focus on environmental matters. The hearing was held on 21.06.16 with the participation of academics, representatives from civil society and from the European institutions. (Read more)

15-03-2016 - Union Citizenship in practice

JURI LIBE AFCO PETI 06-12-2016 - 10:52
Poster Hearing Union Citizenship in Practice

A hearing was jointly organised by the European Commission (DG Justice and Consumers) and the European Parliament (LIBE, PETI, AFCO and JURI Committees) on 15 March 2016. The hearing gave a timely opportunity to further reflect, with all actors concerned, on concrete avenues to advance EU citizenship. (Read more)

23-02-2016 - Broadening the scope of the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights (Article 51)?

PETI 09-03-2016 - 12:25

Since the entry into force of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in December 2009 the Committee on Petitions has been receiving an ever increasing number of petitions, in which the petitioners alleging a violation of their fundamental rights are invoking the Charter as a legal basis. (Read more)

15-10-2015 - Protection of the rights of people with disabilities

PETI 19-10-2015 - 11:46
Protection of the rights of people with disabilities

The Committee on Petitions each year receives a considerable number of petitions referring to difficulties encountered by people with disabilities in the EU in various fields, such as access to employment, insurance, financing, education systems or public transport facilities. The hearing will present the possibility to exchange views with the experts on the role the Committee on Petitions plays in the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. (Read more)

23-06-2015 - Public Hearing on the Right to Petition

PETI 21-03-2016 - 15:49

The Hearing on the Right to Petition will provide a platform for discussion for Members, the general public and experts in the field on the petition process, cooperation with national and European authorities and future actions. (Read more)

26-02-2015 - The European Citizens' Initiative

AFCO PETI 19-03-2015 - 15:05

The lessons to be drawn from the implementation of the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) regulation was looked at during the hearing organised jointly by the Committee on Constitutional Affairs and the Committee on Petitions. It took place on 26.02.15 with the participation of ECI organisers. The aim was to evaluate all aspects linked to the functioning of the ECI, including the institutional, organisational, legal and technical perspectives. (Read more)