Workshops are organised by the policy departments and enable members to put questions to and exchange views with experts on subjects associated with parliamentary business or subjects of current interest. They are not necessarily held in public but may be held during a committee meeting.

12-10-2017 - Workshop on the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

PETI 18-10-2017 - 10:43
Protection of the rights of persons with disabilities

PETI plays an important role in the EU framework for the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Forming part of the 2017 PETI research programme, the upcoming workshop consisted of two panel sessions and the presentation of a new study on inclusive education. The first session focused on developments relating to the UNCRPD and the EU context, while the second session addressed legal and social protection for persons with disabilities.


Powerpoint Presentations and contributions of speakers

      Serge Ebersold
      Koen Roovers
      Inmaculada Placencia Porrero
      Guillaume Jacquinot
      Zara Todd
      Thomas Bignal


  • Policy Department for Citizens' Rights and Constitutional Affairs