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Committees may be called upon to draft a report on legislative or non-legislative issues. Normally, the committee will be asked to draft a report on a particular issue, when it concerns a policy area for which it is competent. However, in certain circumstances, a committee may make a report on its own initiative. For each report a rapporteur, responsible for drafting the report, is chosen from amongst the members of the committee. Once a draft report has been written it is presented and discussed in committee meetings, and members may propose amendments if they wish. This page shows the draft report texts before amendments.
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DRAFT REPORT on the proposal for a Council decision concerning the dock dues in the French outermost regions

Date : 17-11-2014

Reference :

REGI_PR(2014)541607 PE 541.607v01-00


Documents in dossier REGI/8/01926

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