Once a draft report has been presented to the committee, members are given the chance to propose amendments before a certain deadline. The amendments will then be discussed and voted upon in the committee. Once a draft report has been amended and a final vote taken, it becomes a report and will then be presented in the plenary session. This page shows the reports as finalised in committee.
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REPORT on human rights and migration in third countries

20-09-2016 A8-0245/2016 PE 573.042v04-00

Marie-Christine VERGIAT

Documents in dossier AFET/8/05047

Documents relating to procedure 2015/2316(INI)

REPORT on the future of ACP-EU relations beyond 2020

12-09-2016 A8-0263/2016 PE 582.322v02-00

Norbert NEUSER

Documents in dossier DEVE/8/06161

Documents relating to procedure 2016/2053(INI)

REPORT on the nomination of João Alexandre Tavares Gonçalves de Figueiredo as a Member of the Court of Auditors

08-09-2016 A8-0259/2016 PE 587.475v02-00


Documents in dossier CONT/8/07041

Documents relating to procedure 2016/0809(NLE)