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This database contains the research papers produced by the European Parliament’s various research services, in particular studies, in-depth analyses and briefings produced by policy departments, the Economic Governance Support Unit and the Directorate for Impact Assessment and European Added Value. These documents aim to support the work of the various parliamentary bodies.

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Country Specific Recommendations (CSRs) for 2014 and 2015 - A Comparison and an Overview of Implementation
25-08-2015 Study

The European Semester: Main Steps at the EU Level
24-08-2015 At a Glance

Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) – Legal Base for Hearings / Meetings in the European Parliament
21-08-2015 At a Glance

Implementation of the Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure - State-of-Play, August 2015
20-08-2015 Briefing

Unfair Trading Practices in the Business-to-Business Food Supply Chain
14-08-2015 Briefing

Implementation of the 2014 Country Specific Recommendations
12-08-2015 At a Glance

Youth Education & Entrepreneurship
11-08-2015 Study

Innovative Schools: Teaching & Learning in the Digital Era
11-08-2015 Study

Competition Policy: Delivering for Consumers, Proceedings of the Workshop
10-08-2015 Study

Presentation: Challenges for Competition Policy in a Digitalised Economy
05-08-2015 In-Depth Analysis

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Workshops enable Members to put questions to and exchange views with experts on subjects associated with parliamentary business or subjects of current interest.

Fact Sheets on the EU

The Fact Sheets provide an overview of European integration and of the European Parliament’s contribution to that process.


The Assessment of Scientific and Technological Policy Options for the European Parliament.

Think Tank

The Think Tank page provides access to all the expertise sources available in the Parliament.