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June meetings schedule:

19-05-2015 - 12:08

June 15 (ASP 1G3):
JURI Committee Meeting from 15:00 to 16:00
Public Hearing: The case for European minimum standards for civil procedure from 16:00 to 17:30
JURI Committee Meeting from 17:30 to 18:30

June 16 (ASP 1G3):
JURI Committee Meeting from 09:00 to 12:30 and 15:00 to 18:30

June 17 (ASP 1G2):
The workshop organised by DG IPOL's Policy Department C from 09:00 to 12:30

Asuntos destacados

Hearing: The case for European minimum standards for civil procedure

01-06-2015 - 17:05
JURI Hearing poster - the case for European minimum standards for civil procedure

The JURI Committee will hold the above hearing on15 June, from 16:00 to 17:30, in ASP 1G3. The hearing will consider the convergence of civil procedure in Europe and the creation of common standards of civil procedure in EU Law. Following the contributions of the experts, a debate will take place with the participation of Diana Wallis, President of the European Law Institute, and Michael Shotter from the European Commission. Please note that no accreditation can be provided for this event.

Workshop in Civil Judicial Experts in the EU

19-05-2015 - 15:27
juri workshop poster civil judicial experts in the eu

On 17 June 2015 the Committee on Legal Affairs will hold a Workshop on Civil Judicial Experts in the EU. Despite the emergence of judicial cooperation in civil matters making it easier to handle cross border litigation, national rules governing judicial technical expertise vary considerably within the EU. Practical and legal problems can arise when experts are called to conduct their expertise differently according to their Member State's legislation, including problems relating to procedural aspects. The question of the approximation of the rules on judicial exerts and the relevance of other solutions such as the introduction of an EU list of judicial experts or the creation of a specific status of expert generally recognised in the EU is therefore raised.

Against this background, the workshop will bring together Members of the European Parliament and a number of experts,practitioners and academics with a view to discussing about the differences between national rules on judicial technical expertise, the difficulties in cross-border situations and possible ways of addressing them.

The workshop is organised by DG IPOL's Policy Department C from 09:00 to 12:30 in ASP 1G2, European Parliament, Brussels.

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Give shareholders more say on directors’ pay, urge Legal Affairs Committee MEPs

JURI 07-05-2015 - 14:49

A draft law empowering shareholders to vote on directors’ remuneration, so as to ensure proper transparency and tie their pay more closely to their performance, was backed by Legal Affairs Committee MEPs on Thursday. Some large companies should also be required to disclose, country by country, information on tax rulings, taxes paid and public subsidies received, adds the committee. (Más…)


Digital single market – committee chairs welcome proposal

JURI IMCO ITRE 06-05-2015 - 14:53

The proposed Digital Single Market strategy is needed to build trust in the online world, boost growth and protect the rights of citizens, creators and companies. These were among the first reactions from the chairs of the three committees that will work intensively on today's Commission proposal. This afternoon and tomorrow morning, the Commissioners responsible will visit Parliament to discuss the proposal with MEPs. (Más…)

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07-05-2015 - 09:10
JURI Reunión
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JURI Reunión

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Pavel Svoboda, Chair, Committee on Legal Affairs

Responsable de la propiedad intelectual, esta comisión se ocupa, en la presente legislatura, de la reforma de las normas de la UE en materia de marcas registradas, secretos comerciales y el futuro de los derechos de autor, continuando su trabajo anterior sobre la gestión de derechos digitales y de autor en la sociedad de la información.

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