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Environment MEPs for a stronger EU carbon market

ENVI 15-12-2016 - 14:38

Plans to boost greenhouse-gas emission curbs through the EU carbon market (EU ETS) were backed by the Environment Committee on Thursday. MEPs propose reducing the carbon credits to be auctioned by 2.4% each year, and doubling the capacity of the market stability reserve (MSR) to absorb the excess of allowances on the market. (Más…)


MEPs to participate in COP22 climate change conference in Marrakesh

ENVI 11-11-2016 - 10:33

A twelve-strong delegation of MEPs will take part in UN (COP22) climate talks (COP22) in Marrakesh from Monday to Friday. Following the European Parliament’s ratification and the entry into force of the 2015 Paris agreement, these will focus on how to finance and share the efforts needed to keep climate warming well below 2 degrees compared to pre-industrial levels. (Más…)


Wildlife trafficking: Environment MEPs call for ivory trade ban and EU penalties

ENVI 13-10-2016 - 15:33

Environment MEPs advocate a full and immediate EU-wide ban on ivory and rhinoceros horn trade, and call for common sanctions at EU level against wildlife trafficking, in a resolution voted on Thursday. Wildlife trafficking is worth an estimated €20 billion annually. It has grown in recent years, becoming one of the biggest and most profitable forms of organised cross-border crime. (Más…)


Paris climate agreement: EP to vote on EU ratification after Council green light

ENVI 30-09-2016 - 16:27

The European Parliament will vote on Tuesday to give its consent to the ratification of the Paris climate agreement by the European Union, after Council gave its green light on Friday. For Environment Committee chair Giovanni La Via (EPP, IT) the decision allows the EU to remain a leader in climate action ahead of the next round of talks to take place in Marrakech in November. (Más…)


Environment MEPs support Paris agreement ratification, push for entry into force

ENVI 08-09-2016 - 16:07

The European Parliament should give its consent to the ratification of the 2015 Paris agreement on climate change, recommended Environment Committee MEPs on Thursday. They also urged all EU member states to conclude the ratification process, to ensure its rapid entry into force. In a separate resolution, they also called on the EU to upgrade its emission reduction pledges, so as to close the gap between the individual targets agreed by the Parties and the Paris goals. (Más…)


Slovak Presidency priorities discussed in committee


The priorities of the Slovak Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers are being outlined to parliamentary committees by Slovak ministers at a series of meetings taking place in July, August and September. (Más…)


European Parliament to offset its 2015 carbon emissions

ENVI 25-07-2016 - 15:05

The European Parliament aims to become the first 100% carbon neutral EU institution, as decided at the end of last year by the Bureau (President, Vice-Presidents and Quaestors). In order to fulfil this commitment, a call for tender was opened on 16 July 2016. (Más…)


Air quality legislation: MEPs strike deal with Council

ENVI 01-07-2016 - 16:58

Plans for more ambitious national caps on emissions of key pollutants by 2030, including NOx, particulates and sulphur dioxide, were informally agreed by MEPs and the Dutch presidency of the Council on Thursday. Air pollution causes about 400,000 premature deaths in the EU per year. The agreement now needs to be endorsed by the Environment Committee and Parliament as a whole. (Más…)


MEPs and ministers agree to beef up official food checks from farm to fork

ENVI 16-06-2016 - 18:19

Draft plans to tighten up official controls from farm to fork were informally agreed by food safety MEPs and the Dutch Presidency of the Council on Wednesday. It aims to guarantee that the food consumers buy and eat in Europe is safe and wholesome, hence improving consumer’s health and preventing food crises. (Más…)


Medical devices: Health Committee MEPs approve stricter EU safety requirements

ENVI 15-06-2016 - 17:17

Plans for stricter monitoring and certification procedures to ensure full compliance and traceability of medical devices, such as breast or hip implants, were backed by Health Committee MEPs on Wednesday. MEPs also approved legislation to tighten up information and ethical requirements for diagnostic medical devices used for example in pregnancy or DNA testing. Both files were informally agreed with the Dutch Presidency of the Council. (Más…)