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Towards emission curbs for off-road machinery

ENVI 26-04-2016 - 16:54

Plans to update EU type approval rules and emission limits for internal combustion engines in non-road mobile machinery (NRMM), such as lawn mowers, bulldozers, diesel locomotives and inland waterway vessels, were backed by the Environment Committee on Wednesday. These plans had already been agreed with the Dutch Presidency of the Council. NRMM engines account for about 15% of all NOx and 5% of particulate emissions in the EU. (Más…)


MEPs reiterate call for mandatory country of origin labelling of meat and milk

ENVI 22-03-2016 - 17:52

Food safety MEPs reiterated their support for introducing mandatory country of origin labelling of meat and milk, in a non-binding resolution voted on Tuesday. Mandatory labelling would help maintain consumer confidence in food products by making the food supply chain more transparent, they say. (Más…)


Glyphosate herbicide: don’t renew its authorisation, urge MEPs

ENVI 22-03-2016 - 14:34

So long as serious concerns remain about the carcinogenicity and endocrine disruptive properties of the herbicide glyphosate, which is used in hundreds of farm, forestry, urban and garden applications, the EU Commission should not renew its authorisation. Instead, it should commission an independent review and disclose all the scientific evidence that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) used to assess glyphosate, said Environment Committee MEPs on Tuesday. (Más…)


Superbugs: curb use of today’s antibiotics, and develop new ones, urge MEPs

ENVI 17-02-2016 - 19:09

To fight the growing resistance of bacteria to today’s antibiotics, the use of existing antimicrobial drugs should be restricted, and new ones should be developed, said Environment and Public Health Committee MEPs on Wednesday. In a vote on draft plans to update an EU law on veterinary medicines, they advocate banning collective and preventive antibiotic treatment of animals, and back measures to stimulate research into new medicines. (Más…)


Dutch Presidency priorities discussed in committee


The priorities of the incoming Dutch presidency of the EU Council are being outlined to parliamentary committees by Dutch ministers at a series of meetings this week. (Más…)


Environment MEPs oppose relaxing diesel car emission test limits

ENVI 14-12-2015 - 20:27

A draft decision to raise diesel car emission limits for nitrogen oxides (NOx) by up to 110%, along with the introduction of the long-awaited Real Driving Emissions (RDE) test procedure, is neither explained nor justified, and would undermine the enforcement of existing EU standards, said Environment Committee MEPs, in a resolution, voted on Monday, which objects to the draft. Parliament has a right to veto the proposal. (Más…)


MEPs call for a strong Paris deal on carbon markets, aviation and shipping

ENVI 08-12-2015 - 12:41

The Paris climate change agreement should not leave out aviation and shipping, two sectors whose emissions are rocketing and, if left unregulated, could account for up to 40% of all global emissions by 2050, (according to a European Parliament study), said the EP delegation on Tuesday. MEPs also advocate earmarking carbon market revenues as a possible solution for financing climate efforts. (Más…)


COP21 climate change talks: MEPs in Paris to push for 2°C target

ENVI 04-12-2015 - 11:33

A delegation of 15 MEPs will take part in the UN climate conference in Paris, France, from Monday to Friday. The European Parliament says that the 2015 Protocol must be legally binding and ambitious from the outset, with five-year commitment periods. In a resolution voted in October, MEPs also proposed that a share of revenues from the EU carbon market allowances should be earmarked for climate finance, and that aviation and shipping sectors should initiate measures to curb their emissions. (Más…)


Environment MEPs oppose new GM maize authorization

ENVI 01-12-2015 - 16:52

The Commission should not authorise the use of glyphosate-tolerant GM maize NK603 x T25 in food and feed, says a resolution adopted by the environment committee on Tuesday. The Commission should suspend any authorisations for GM food and feed as long as the procedure, currently under review, has not been improved, say MEPs. (Más…)


Environment MEPs oppose national GMO import bans proposal

ENVI 13-10-2015 - 10:33

A draft EU law that would enable any member state to restrict or prohibit the sale and use of EU-approved GMO food or feed on its territory was opposed by Environment Committee MEPs on Tuesday. Members are concerned that the proposal might prove unworkable and lead to the reintroduction of border controls between pro and anti-GMO countries. The recommendation will be put to a vote by Parliament as a whole at the 26-29 October plenary session in Strasbourg. (Más…)