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Próxima semana de comisiones: el 1 de septiembre de 2014 en Bruselas.
Comisiones Parliamentary committees in the European Parliament: role and composition

Members of the European Parliament are divided up among 20 specialised standing committees that instruct legislative proposals through the adoption of reports, propose amendments to plenary and appoint a negotiation team to conduct negotiations with the Council on EU legislation. They also adopt own-initiative reports, organise hearings with experts and scrutinise the other EU bodies and institutions. For negotiations at the conciliation stage, a specific Conciliation Committee is set up. A committee consists of between 25 and 71 full members and an equivalent number of substitutes. Each committee elects a chair and up to four vice-chairs amongst its full members for a two and a half year mandate. Parliament can also set up sub-committees and special committees to deal with specific issues, and committees of inquiry to investigate alleged contraventions or maladministration of EU law. The work of the parliamentary committees is supported by a number of expertise and research sources, including the five Policy Departments covering all areas of activity of the European Parliament, the Economic Governance Support Unit and the European Parliamentary Research Service.

Comisiones Fact Sheets on the EU: all you need to know about European integration

The new Fact Sheets on the European Union, covering the entire 7th legislature of the European Parliament, are available. They provide an overview of European integration and of the European Parliament’s contribution to that process in order to present non specialists with a straightforward and brief overview of the EU’s institutions and policies, and of the role that Parliament plays in their development. They cover six main areas: how the European Union works; Citizens’ Europe; the internal market; Economic and Monetary Union; sectoral policies; and the EU’s external relations. Concise and to the point, the Fact Sheets are available in the 23 official languages of the EU. The online version is updated at regular intervals throughout the year, as soon as Parliament adopts any important positions or policies.

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Comisiones Policy departments monthly highlights

The monthly publication which provides an "At a Glance" overview of the on-going work of the policy departments of the Directorates General for Internal and External Policies, including links to their latest and forthcoming publications, is available. Policy departments provide high-level independent expertise, analysis and policy advice at the request of committees and other parliamentary bodies, covering all areas of activity of the European Parliament. They are closely involved in the work of committees which they support in shaping legislation on and exercising democratic scrutiny over EU policies.

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  DRAFT REPORT on European Semester for economic policy coordination: implementation of 2014 priorities

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