Se permite a las comisiones organizar audiencias de expertos cuando lo consideren indispensable para la buena marcha de sus trabajos sobre un asunto determinado. Las audiencias también pueden celebrarlas dos o más comisiones de forma conjunta. La mayor parte de las comisiones organiza audiencias con regularidad, ya que estos actos les permiten oír a expertos y debatir sobre asuntos clave. En esta página se ofrece toda la información disponible sobre las audiencias de las comisiones, incluidos sus programas y las intervenciones de los oradores.

28-11-2017 - The Paradise Papers - Discussions with the Investigative Journalists

PANA 13-12-2017 - 10:42
PANA Public hearing on “The Paradise Papers - What are they about and why are they relevant” - 28 November 2017

During this very last public hearing of the PANA Committee, Members will zoom in on the recent Paradise Papers revelations, together with three journalists who worked at the heart of the investigation at the International Consortium for Investigative Journalism (ICIJ). The Paradise Papers are based on 13.4 million confidential electronic documents relating to offshore investment that were leaked to the Süddeutsche Zeitung. (Más…)

28-11-2017 - The case of NLB financial group Slovenia and Azerbaijan Laundromat revelations

PANA 13-12-2017 - 11:51
PANA Public hearing on “Money Laundering: The case of NLB Financial Group Slovenia and Azerbaijan Laundromat revelations” - 28 November 2017

On 28 November 2017, the PANA Committee will hold a hearing on "Money Laundering: The case of NLB financial group and on the Azerbaijan Laundromat revelations". (Más…)

26-09-2017 - PANA Committee will look at the world of football as well as corporate tax planning

PANA 27-09-2017 - 11:27
Pana public hearing on "Tax-planning, do celebrities and companies breach EU law?" - 26 September 2017

In the next hearing of the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee into Tax Evasion, Tax Avoidance and Money Laundering on 26 September, Members will first look into the world of professional Football. During this part of the hearing - which was triggered by the Football Leaks revelations - Members will put questions to representatives of FIFA, UEFA and the European Football Agents Association. (Más…)

21-06-2017 - "Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) – Ins and Outs, and the Russian Laundromat case"

PANA 06-11-2017 - 14:43
PANA Hearing on Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs): "ins and outs" and the Russian "Laundromat" case - Panama Papers Committee - European Parliament -21 June 2017

On 21 June, the PANA committee will hold a hearing on "Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) – Ins and Outs, and the Russian Laundromat case". Speakers will include representatives from different European Financial Intelligence Units, as well as from the journalists consortium "Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP)", which broke the story of the Laundromat case in 2014. (Más…)

21-06-2017 - The EU-wide protection of whistleblowers

PANA JURI 06-11-2017 - 15:11
PANA/JURI Joint hearing on "The EU-wide protection of whistleblowers" of 21 June 2017

On 21 June, starting 9.00, the Members of the JURI and PANA Committees will hold a hearing with experts on protection for whistle-blowers. Whistle-blowers are crucial for the functioning of the EU and the European project, not least show by the Panama Papers and the political reactions that followed. The Parliament is in the process of drafting an own initiative report on an EU wide protection for whistle-blowers. (Más…)

09-05-2017 - Cooperation in tax matters with European jurisdictions

PANA 06-06-2017 - 10:34
PANA Public hearing of 9 May 2017 on "Cooperation in tax matters with European jurisdictions"

On 9 May 2017, from 09h00 - 12h30, the PANA Inquiry Committee will hold a public hearing on the “Cooperation in tax matters with European jurisdictions”. During this hearing, Members will discuss with representatives of the Channel Islands, Gibraltar and Madeira about their tax regimes. (Más…)

06-04-2017 - Impact of the schemes revealed by the Panama Papers on Developing Countries

PANA 06-04-2017 - 12:55
PANA Public hearing on “Impact of the Panama Papers on Developing Countries”

On Thursday 06 April 2017 from 09:00 - 12:00, the Members of the PANA Committee will try to get a better understanding of the impact of money-laundering and tax evasion on developing countries. (Más…)

06-03-2017 - "The role of lawyers, accountants and bankers in Panama Papers" - Part III

PANA 28-03-2017 - 14:54
PANA Committee - Public hearing with intermediaries (Part III) - "The role of lawyers, accountants and bankers in Panama Papers"

Following the hearings with intermediaries on 24 January and 9 February, the PANA Committee will finalise its series of hearings about "the roles and responsibilities of intermediaries in the setting-up of offshore constructions" with a hearing on 6 March in which the focus will be on the roles of bankers, lawyers and accountants in the Panama Papers revelations in France and Switzerland. (Más…)

09-02-2017 - "The role of lawyers, accountants and bankers in Panama Papers" - Part II

PANA 28-02-2017 - 16:26
Public hearing on "The role of lawyers, accountants and bankers in the Panama Papers" (Part II) - Committe of inquiry into money laundering, tax avoidance and tax evasion (PANA)

Following the kick-off meeting on 24 January in which Members discussed about the respective roles of the three professions (lawyers, bankers and accountants) with the Brussels based professional representatives and independent experts, the PANA Inquiry Committee organises a follow-up hearing on 9 February in which invitees and members will zoom in on the Scandinavian and German practice in order to see if lessons can be drawn from there. (Más…)

24-01-2017 - "The role of lawyers, accountants and bankers in Panama Papers" - Part I

PANA 24-01-2017 - 16:03
Public hearing of the PANA Committee of 24 January 2017 - Panama Papers - Committee of Inquiry into Money Laundering, Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion

As part of its fact finding, the PANA Inquiry Committee organises three hearings to look specifically into the roles played by banks, accountants and lawyers in the setting-up of secret offshore constructions for their clients. The first hearing on 24 January will focus on the professions in general. To what extent are they regulated and how do the applicable rules play out in practice? The subsequent hearings on 9 February and 6 March will zoom in on concrete cases in different Member States. (Más…)

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