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ECON committee meetings in November

24-10-2016 - 15:15


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Ms Vestager to Irish MEPs: “no question about your 12,5% corporate tax rate"

ECON 10-10-2016 - 16:47

“We have no problem with the 12,5% corporate tax rate in Ireland”, Commissioner Margrethe Vestager told Irish Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee members in a hearing on competition policy on Monday. “But we want to be sure that tax rulings are not being used to grant selective advantages to companies through the backdoor”, she added, referring to the illegal tax ruling that resulted in a minimal tax bill for the American multinational. (Loe lähemalt)


Suspending EU funds for Spain and Portugal would be counterproductive, warn MEPs

ECON REGI 04-10-2016 - 10:55

Suspending EU structural funding for Spain and Portugal would be counter-productive, because it would harm their most vulnerable citizens and regions, a vast majority of MEPs warned the EU Commission at a “structured dialogue” hearing yesterday. The suspension had been proposed under EU Stability and Growth Pact rules, because Spain and Portugal had run up excessive deficits. (Loe lähemalt)


Euro area economy showed resilience after UK referendum, Mario Draghi tells MEPs

ECON 26-09-2016 - 18:36

The recovery in the euro area is expected to continue at a moderate and steady pace, but slower than envisaged in June due to a lower foreign demand outlook, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi told Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee members on Monday. On the positive side, he said that the euro area economy showed resilience to global and political uncertainty, notably following the UK referendum outcome. (Loe lähemalt)

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