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Upcoming meeting

16-01-2015 - 11:03

The next INTA meeting will take place on Thursday, 28 May 2015 in Brussels from 9.00 to 12.30, (Room PHS 3C050)

Please find highlights and documents of this meeting below.

The meeting will be web-streamed (apart from the "in-camera" part) and can be followed live on-line on 28 May 2015 beginning at 10.30.


Votes on 28 May at 10.30

28-05-2015 - 10:29

Vote on Recommendations for the European Commission regarding the TTIP negotiations (2014/2228(INI)).

The European Parliament has expressed its view on what it expects from the TTIP negotiations before they were launched in June 2013 and before the Council adopted its TTIP negotiating mandate. After more than 9 negotiating rounds and TTIP half way through, as Commissioner Malmström recently said, INTA decided that it is time to take stock and assess, where the negotiations stand.

This report on TTIP negotiations is intended to assess the main results of the negotiations after ca 1.5 years of discussions and to express the Parliament's views on the main issues of a potential TTIP Agreement.

In order to ensure a coherent approach this report contains opinions of 13 Committees.

This will be the first occasion of the new EP to take an official position on the TTIP negotiations, whereby the aim is to provide guidance to the EU negotiators, what they need to take into account to get support of the EP for the final agreement, once it is concluded, and to send out a clear message to the US counterparts, what the representatives of the European citizens are expecting from a possible future trade deal.

Other votes in INTA on 28 May

27-05-2015 - 12:28

INTA will also hold votes on the following files:

  • Draft Opinion on "Private sector and development" 2014/2205(INI), INTA Rapporteur for the opinion: Lola Sánchez Caldentey (GUE/NGL)
  • Draft Opinion on "Cloning of animals of the bovine,porcine, ovine, caprine and equine species kept and reproduced for farming purposes" 2013/0433(COD), INTA Rapporteur for the opinion: Jude Kirton-Darling (S&D)
  • Draft Report on "The external impact of EU trade and investment policy on public-private initiatives in countries outside the EU" 2014/2233(INI), INTA Rapporteur: JanZahradil (ECR)

Plenary vote on "Conflict minerals"

18-05-2015 - 09:00
men sifting through dirt looking for gold

EU targets trade in conflict minerals

MEPs will vote on measures aiming to stop trade in illicitly mined  "conflict minerals" fuelling armed conflicts, while promoting legitimate trade helping people in conflict areas.

In INTA Committee the Commission legislative proposal for a voluntary approach was strengthened by obliging smelters and refiners to do due diligence, while giving other companies incentives to opt in. The Report on conflict-free trade in minerals is now put to vote in plenary.

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Investor-state dispute settlement proposals debated with Commissioner Malmström

INTA 06-05-2015 - 19:10

A lively debate on the proposal for “reformed system” to resolve disputes between foreign investors and states in the Transatlantic Trade and investment partnership (TTIP) deal, currently being negotiated between the EU and the United states, took place between Trade Committee MEPs and EU Trade Commissioner Malmström on Wednesday afternoon. (Loe lähemalt)

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Bernd Lange (S&D) - Chairman of the Committee on International Trade

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