Parlamendikomisjon võib korraldada ekspertide osavõtul kuulamisi, kui see on vajalik komisjoni tööks teatud valdkondades. Kuulamisi võivad ühiselt korraldada ka kaks või enam parlamendikomisjoni. Enamik komisjone korraldab kuulamisi korrapäraselt, kuna need võimaldavad ekspertidega konsulteerida ja pidada arutelusid olulistel teemadel. Siit lehelt leiate kogu teabe kuulamiste kohta, sealhulgas kavad ja sõnavõtud.

15-07-2015 - Public hearing "The EU budget and SMEs"

The EU budget and SMEs

On 15 July the Committee on Budgets will organise a public hearing on the topic of "the EU budget and SMEs". The hearing, which will be chaired by MEPs Paul Rübig (EPP) and Siegfried Muresan (EPP), will consist of two panel discussions. (Loe lähemalt)

14-07-2015 - Human rights conditionalities in the context of regional trade agreements with Africa


Committee on International Trade and the Subcommittee on Human Rights co-organise a Hearing on Human Rights conditions in trade agreements with African countries. (Loe lähemalt)

14-07-2015 - The use of the EU funds in Member States

The use of EU funds in Member States in partnership with companies outside of a given Member State

On 14.07.15, the Committee on Budgetary Control will hold the hearing on 'The use of EU funds in Member States in partnership with companies (contractors or subcontractors) outside of a given Member State'. Who benefitted from structural funds spending in Central and East Eastern Europe: West European contractors or to the people in Central and East European Member States? (Loe lähemalt)

29-06-2015 - Hearing on Anti-semitism, islamophobia and hate speech in Europe


On 29 June 2015 from 15.00 to 18.30 the Committee on Civil liberties, Justice and Home Affairs will hold a hearing on "Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and Hate Speech in Europe". The aim of this hearing is to listen to experts in those fields as well as to civil society organisations and different stakeholders to gain insight into the nature of the discrimination patterns and violence against Jews and Muslims in Europe. (Loe lähemalt)

23-06-2015 - Public Hearing on the Right to Petition


The Hearing on the Right to Petition will provide a platform for discussion for Members, the general public and experts in the field on the petition process, cooperation with national and European authorities and future actions. (Loe lähemalt)

22-06-2015 - Sustainable Development Goals - an ambitious agenda


The agenda for the sustainable development goals (SDGs) will be discussed during a public hearing with experts that will be held jointly by the Committee on Development and the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety. (Loe lähemalt)

17-06-2015 - Hearing of Danish candidate as a member of the European Court of Auditors

Logo of the European Court of Auditors

The Budgetary Control Committee will hold the hearing of the Danish candidate, Bettina Michelle Jakobsen, as a member of the European Court of Auditors. A vote "in camera" on the draft report on the appointment will follow. (Loe lähemalt)

17-06-2015 - Hearing on the Visa Package

On Wednesday, 17 June 2015 from 15:00 to 18:30 in room Paul Henri Spaak P1A002, the LIBE Committee will hold a hearing on the Visa Package in order to gather the input of experts for its further works. (Loe lähemalt)

16-06-2015 - The implementation of the Solidarity Clause


Public hearing "The implementation of the Solidarity Clause" (Loe lähemalt)