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Next Meetings of the Committee on Petitions

The next PETI meetings will take place in Brussels on:
- Monday July 7 2014, 15h00 - 18h30
The meetings will take place in room (TBC) and building (TBC) and will be web-streamed on the European Parliament´s website.

“One of Us” Citizens’ Initiative – Public Hearing, 10.04.2014

The public hearing on the European Citizens’ Initiative “One of Us” took place on 10.04.2014 in the European Parliament’s premises in Brussels, room JAN 4Q2, from 09.00 to 12.30.
The initiative asked the EU to prohibit the financing of activities presupposing the destruction of human embryos, especially in the areas of research, development aid and public health. The event was organised jointly by the Committee on Development, the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy and the Committee on Legal Affairs, in association with the Petitions Committee.

PETI JOURNAL´s last issue of the VII Legislature is out!

PETI JOURNAL tells it like it is and tries to "bring alive" the way in which the petition´s process works, while providing pieces of more general information about its activities.
This issue´s highlights include:
  • reporting from the floor of 2 (January and February) action-packed meetings (feat. PETI´s own Annual Report; environmental concerns in ItalyFrance and UK, social rights and many other engaging issues); 
  • Ms. Erminia Mazzoni MEP -- Chairperson of the Committee on Petitions – looking back and assessing challenges, successes and shortcomings of her Presidency.
  • a lively Q&A session with Gerald HÄFNER MEP (Greens/EFA, DE) whom bares it all about petitions, ECIs and the many other subjects MEPs are confronted with, in this time of economic turmoil.
The Committee knows that our PETI JOURNAL has become over the years a welcome appointment with our readers and we bid you goodbye, only to come back with a redesigned look, and a slightly modified editorial focus, to make sure we´ll be staying together forever more. PETI, It shall be noted, maintains very proficuous outreach outposts and we await you all on our social media pages to kindle meaningful exchanges!

On April 1, PETI reconvened to debate its VII Legislature´s last Agenda

On April 1 -- 9h00 to 12h30 and 15h00 to 18h30 -- the Members of the Petitions Committee of the VII Legislature (2009-2014) reconvened one last time to debate ever so forcefully a new batch of issues encountered during these last five years.
Amongst the subjects debated in April, of particular resonance were:
  • A series of cases from Greece and Spain, centering around the EU economic crisis;
  • Environmental concerns in France (CO2, gas extraction and groundwater);
  • Health and Justice issues in Italy.

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PETI DEVE JURI ITRE 09-04-2014 - 15:13  

The “One of Us” European Citizens’ Initiative campaign to ban EU funding for activities that “presuppose the destruction of human embryos” will get a public hearing in the European Parliament on Thursday 10 April at 09.00. Its petition has been signed by 1.7 million EU citizens.

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Komisjoni vastutusalasse kuuluvad:
1.    petitsioonid;
2.    suhted Euroopa Ombudsmaniga.
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Tere tulemast petitsioonikomisjoni veebisaidile! Siit leiate teavet selle kohta, mida tehakse meie komisjonis, mille esimees olen olnud alates 2009. aastast.
Õigus esitada petitsioone on sätestatud Euroopa Liidu lepingus. See on põhiõigus, mis on lahutamatult seotud Euroopa Liidu kodakondsusega. Petitsioonide esitamine on oluline ja sageli tõhus viis osaleda vahetult Euroopa Parlamendi tegevuses ning esitada oma mured, ettepanekud või kaebused otse komisjoni liikmetele.
Petitsioonikomisjon vastab ELi kodanike petitsioonidele sageli nii, et tegeleb selliste juhtumite lahendamisega, mille puhul on rikutud aluslepingust tulenevaid kodanikeõigusi, ning teeb koostööd riiklike, piirkondlike ja kohalike asutustega küsimustes, mis on seotud Euroopa Liidu õigusaktide kohaldamisega, näiteks keskkonna, sotsiaalküsimuste, liikumisvabaduse ja muus valdkonnas.
Petitsioonikomisjon tegeleb uurimisega ega osale õigusloomeprotsessis. Ta püüab võimaluse korral tagada kodanike probleemidele kohtuvälised lahendused, kui petitsioonid on põhjendatud. Petitsioonikomisjon võib korraldada ka andmete kogumiseks külastusi ja esitada täiskogule raporteid.
Seega on petitsioonikomisjonil oluline roll, kuna ta loob ühenduse Euroopa kodanike ja Euroopa Parlamendi vahel ning tugevdab ELi otsuste tegemise protsessi demokraatlikku legitiimsust ja vastutust.
Erminia Mazzoni