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The next CULT committee meeting

18-12-2014 - 10:58

Extraordinary meeting of the Committee on Culture and Education will take place on Monday, 27 April 2015 at 19.00-20.30 in Strasbourg.

The next ordinary meeting of the committee will take place on Monday, 4 May at 15.00-18.30 and on Tuesday, 5 May at 9.00-12.30 in Brussels.


European Film in the Digital Era

27-04-2015 - 12:46
A week which saw it all: a European Dream, an angry outburst results in MEP exit, and both joy and frustration over green light for the Fourth Railway Package.

The plenary is set to discuss the report on 27 April and vote on 28 April. In the report MEPs make suggestions on how to boost the cross-border circulation of European films, such as stimulating the availability of subtitled films, creating an online platform for crowed-sourced subtitle translations and calling on the European Commission and EU countries to provide support for equipping all screens with digital projection and sound technology.

Latvian Presidency of the Council

13-01-2015 - 14:21
LV presidency logo

The Committee held an exchange of views with Ms Dace Melbārde, Minister of Culture and Ms Mārīte Seile, Minister of Education and Science on 19 January pm.

2013 Discharge (EU general budget, Section III - Commission)

13-01-2015 - 11:32
vote, votes, voting

Each year, the EU Institutions account to the Parliament for the use made of the resources at their disposal. On 20 January, the Committee voted on its opinion on signing-off the Commission's budget for 2013 ("discharge"). Rapporteur: Fernando Maura Barandiarán.

European Youth Event (EYE)

12-01-2015 - 11:39

On 20 January, CULT organised a dialogue with young people in the context of the European Youth Event (EYE). These "EYE speed-hearings" allowed for an exchange between MEPs and a small number of EYE2014 participants, based on the ideas contained in the final report of the event.

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19:00 / 20:30 CULT


16-04-2015 - 09:05
CULT Kokous
24-03-2015 - 09:06
CULT Kokous


Ms Silvia COSTA

Tervetuloa kulttuuri- ja koulutusvaliokunnan verkkosivustolle. Sivustolla on paljon tietoa valiokunnan työstä, muun muassa kokousten esityslistoja, mietintöluonnoksia ja tarkistuksia. Lisäksi sivustolta löytyvät tiedot valiokunnan jäsenistä yhteystietoineen. Kokouksia voi seurata myös suoratoistona.

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