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Next LIBE committee meetings

06-12-2016 - 11:29
Next week, MEPs vote on limiting the use of GMOs, hear what Europe should do about Ebola, meet the Colombian President and bid farewell to Herman Van Rompuy.


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New Asylum Agency must ensure EU countries respect common asylum rules, say MEPs

LIBE 08-12-2016 - 18:17

The EU Agency for Asylum must coordinate information exchange among member states and ensure they protect fundamental rights, said Civil Liberties Committee MEPs on Thursday. (Lue lisää)


Visa suspension mechanism: Parliament and Council negotiators strike a deal

LIBE 08-12-2016 - 09:29

The EU Commission and member states will be able to reimpose visa requirements faster and more easily under new rules agreed by Parliament and Council negotiators on Wednesday. (Lue lisää)


Clampdown on terrorism -new counter-terrorism law backed by civil liberties MEPs

LIBE 05-12-2016 - 19:09

Foreign fighters as well as “lone wolves” training and preparing terrorist attacks on European soil will be criminalised under new EU-rules to fight terrorism backed on Monday. (Lue lisää)


Mandatory checks at EU external borders: deal done by MEPs and ministers

LIBE 05-12-2016 - 19:07

All EU citizens and third country nationals entering or leaving the EU will be checked against databases, e.g. of lost and stolen documents, under a draft law informally agreed by MEPs and EU ministers on Monday. (Lue lisää)


EU-US deal on law enforcement data transfers backed by Civil Liberties Committee

LIBE 24-11-2016 - 11:01

The EU-US data protection framework, known as the “Umbrella Agreement” was backed by a large majority in the Civil Liberties Committee on Thursday morning. The deal will ensure high, binding data protection standards for data exchanged by police and law enforcement authorities across the Atlantic. (Lue lisää)


Don’t incite fear and hatred of migrants and refugees, MEPs urge EU countries

LIBE 17-11-2016 - 16:46

EU member states should “refrain from inciting fear and hatred in their citizens towards migrants and asylum-seekers for political gains”, said Civil Liberties Committee MEPs voting a resolution on fundamental rights in the EU on Thursday. The rights to free movement and life-saving abortion are also stressed in the text, which will now be put to a vote by Parliament as a whole. (Lue lisää)

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LIBE Kokous
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LIBE Kokous
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LIBE Committee Chair

Kansalaisvapauksien sekä oikeus- ja sisäasioiden valiokunnan puheenjohtajana minulla on ilo toivottaa tervetulleeksi tälle sivustolle.

Valiokuntamme vastaa suurelta osin oikeus- ja sisäasioiden alan lainsäädännöstä ja demokraattisesta valvonnasta. Työssään se varmistaa, että Euroopan unionin perusoikeuskirjaa ja Euroopan ihmisoikeussopimusta noudatetaan tarkoin ja että Euroopan unionin kansalaisuutta vahvistetaan entisestään.

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