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Exchange of Views with Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini

On 2 September, Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini joined a debate with Members of the Foreign Affairs Committee to present the priorities of the Italian Presidency on enlargement and report on the informal Foreign Affairs Council in Milan which took place on 29/30 August. At this opportunity, she also discussed current international crises ranging from the situation in Eastern Ukraine to developments in the Middle East and expressed her views on the EU's bilateral relationships, in particular the one with Russia. Her appearance in AFET coincided with her nomination as new High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy 3 days earlier.

AFET Chair Brok urges DPRK official to engage constructively with int. community

Should the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) show clear commitment in issues related to nuclear disarmament and human rights, the EU could re-engage with it, said EP Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Elmar Brok (EPP, DE) in a meeting with Kang Sok Ju, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Worker's Party of Korea and Director of the Party’s International Department.
Following an initiative from the North Korean side, Mr Brok met Mr Kang on Tuesday, 9 September, in Brussels.
“We exchanged views on the state of our bilateral relations as well as on the prospects of progress in the inter-Korean dialogue. The discussion was quite open and frank”, said Mr Brok after the meeting.
“The EU would welcome any initiative contributing to mutual trust, regional stability and peace. We hope that North Korea will return to the Six-Party talks, within the framework of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, after sincere signs of such commitment from the DPRK”, stressed Mr Brok.
“The EU expects from the DPRK a tangible sign of willingness and readiness to re-engage; this could be the re-launch of the Human Rights Dialogue which had been broken off in 2003”, he stated.
Mr Brok added that the EU would stand ready to provide humanitarian aid and favour North Korea's participation in the Erasmus Mundus and Marie Curie programmes.
Mr Kang is the Secretary of the Central committee of the Workers Party and Director of the Party's International Relations Department. He is also the former negotiator of the nuclear deal of 1993-94.

Consent to Ukraine Assoc. Agreement and discussion with Grand Mufti of Egypt

On Monday, 8 September, the AFET Committee adopted, by a large majority, the report of Jacek Saryusz-Wolski (EPP, PL) giving consent to the Association Agreement with Ukraine. By doing so, the AFET Committee enables Parliament to vote next week in Strasbourg, together with the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada. The AFET Chair (Elmar Brok) pointed out that this Agreement is profoundly desired by the Ukrainian population and that Parliament, through this ratification, clearly shows its solidarity with Ukraine in these times of crisis.
The committee also held an exchange of views with Dr Shawqi Allam, the Grand Mufti of Egypt. The Grand Mufti reiterated its condemnation of ISIS as a radical group which uses religion for its own purposes. Nothing of what ISIS claims or does is supported by Islam. The Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Elmar Brok, shared the concerns of the Grand Mufti about young Muslims being drawn to a flawed interpretation of Islam and into radicalism. He concurred with the Grand Mufti about the importance of encouraging moderate forces to come to the fore and promote democratic principles.

Meeting between AFET Chair Brok and Iran´s Foreign Affairs Minister Zarif

Elmar Brok, Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, held on 1st of September a bilateral meeting with Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif. A large part of the meeting was dedicated to the nuclear talks, that are due to resume in the coming weeks, as well as to the situation in Iraq. Also human rights issues in Iran were discussed, including the situation of the 2012 Sakharov prize laureates Nasrin Sotoudeh and Jafar Panahi.

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AFET DEVE DROI 19-09-2014 - 11:58  

Seven nominees for the European Parliament’s 2014 Sakharov Prize for freedom of thought, chosen by political groups and groups of MEPs, will be presented at a meeting of the Foreign Affairs and Development committees and the Human Rights Subcommittee on 23 September, at 16:15.

AFET 08-09-2014 - 18:51  

The European Parliament should give its consent to the EU Association Agreement with Ukraine, recommended the Foreign Affairs Committee in a vote on Monday afternoon. The deal would establish a deep political association between the EU and Ukraine and provide for mutual free market access, by dismantling import duties and banning export duties and restrictions.

AFET INTA AGRI 04-09-2014 - 17:47  

The EU's response to the crisis in Ukraine was in the spotlight at Parliament this week, following President Schulz's warning to EU leaders last Saturday of the dangers of escalation and his plea for a political solution to the crisis. He called on the EU to play a more ambitious international role and said it must give Ukraine the financial and political help needed to remain a unified and independent country.


The priorities of the Italian Council Presidency are being outlined to the various parliamentary committees by Italian ministers on 2 and 3 September, following a first series of meetings held on 22 and 23 July. This text will be updated after each session.

AFET 02-09-2014 - 16:51  

"We need to make our budgetary procedure simpler and faster: currently there is too much bureaucracy, and money given too late for humanitarian actions is wasted money", urged Foreign Affairs Committee chair Elmar Brok (EPP, DE) in Tuesday’s committee debate on international crises in the EU’s neighbourhood. The committee is to debate the crises in Iraq, Gaza, Syria, Libya and Ukraine in meetings this week.

AFET 28-08-2014 - 15:24  

Elmar Brok (EPP, DE), Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, called today for a strong EU foreign and security policy lead by a strong personality. “Bringing peace, stability and prosperity to the broader EU neighbourhood must be the first and utmost priority,” he said following a meeting of the Committee’s Enlarged Bureau with Commissioner Georgieva and the EEAS’s Executive Secretary General Pierre Vimont.

Esittely ja toimivaltuudet
Valiokunnan toimivaltaan kuuluvat seuraavat unionin ulkopolitiikan edistämistä, täytäntöönpanoa ja seurantaa koskevat asiat:
1.    yhteinen ulko- ja turvallisuuspolitiikka (YUTP) sekä yhteinen turvallisuus- ja puolustuspolitiikka (YTPP); valiokuntaa avustaa turvallisuus- ja puolustuspolitiikan alivaliokunta;
2.    suhteet unionin muihin toimielimiin ja elimiin, Yhdistyneisiin kansakuntiin ja muihin kansainvälisiin järjestöihin sekä parlamenttien välisiin edustajakokouksiin valiokunnan toimivaltaan kuuluvissa asioissa;
3.    Euroopan ulkosuhdehallinnon valvonta;
4.    poliittisten suhteiden lujittaminen kolmansiin maihin ja erityisesti niihin, jotka sijaitsevat unionin välittömässä läheisyydessä, kattavien yhteistyö- ja avustusohjelmien tai kansainvälisten sopimusten kuten assosiaatio- ja kumppanuussopimusten avulla;
5.    Euroopan valtioiden unioniin liittymistä koskevien neuvottelujen käynnistäminen, seuranta ja päättäminen;
6.    demokratiaa ja ihmisoikeuksia koskevan eurooppalaisen välineen, Euroopan naapuruuspolitiikan välineen, liittymistä valmistelevan tukivälineen, vakautta ja rauhaa edistävän välineen ja kolmansien maiden kanssa tehtävää yhteistyötä koskevan kumppanuusvälineen mukaisesti toteutettuja toimenpiteitä koskeva lainsäädäntö, ohjelmointi ja valvonta sekä niiden tukemiseen tähtäävä politiikka;
7.    muun muassa Euroopan naapuruuspolitiikan (ENP) ja erityisesti ENP:n vuotuisten seurantakertomusten seuranta ja valvonta;
8.    demokratiaa, oikeusvaltion periaatetta, ihmisoikeuksia, myös vähemmistöjen oikeuksia, ja kansainvälisen oikeuden periaatteiden edistämistä kolmansissa maissa koskevat kysymykset; valiokuntaa avustaa ihmisoikeuksien alivaliokunta, jonka olisi varmistettava kokonaisuudessaan unionin ulkopolitiikan ja ihmisoikeuspolitiikan johdonmukaisuus; muiden tällä alalla toimivaltaisten valiokuntien tai elinten jäsenet kutsutaan alivaliokunnan kokouksiin, tämän kuitenkaan rajoittamatta asiaa koskevien määräysten soveltamista;
9.    Euroopan parlamentin osallistuminen vaalitarkkailutehtäviin tarvittaessa yhteistyössä muiden asiasta vastaavien valiokuntien ja valtuuskuntien kanssa;
Valiokunta huolehtii poliittisesta valvonnasta ja toimivaltaansa kuuluvien parlamentaaristen sekavaliokuntien ja yhteistyövaliokuntien sekä parlamenttien välisistä suhteista vastaavien valtuuskuntien ja tilapäisten valtuuskuntien työskentelyn yhteensovittamisesta.
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