Slovak Presidency priorities discussed in committee


The priorities of the Slovak Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers are being outlined to parliamentary committees by Slovak ministers at a series of meetings taking place in July, August and September. (Lue lisää)


Aid money is to foster development and not to stop refugees, MEPs warn

DEVE 21-06-2016 - 15:47

Development funds must be devoted to economic and social progress and should not be used to stem the flows of migrants and asylum seekers - development MEPs warn in a non-binding resolution on the EU Trust Fund for Africa (EUTF), adopted Tuesday. The Commission needs to ensure greater democratic scrutiny and member states must live up to their financial commitments, they add. (Lue lisää)


Dutch Presidency priorities discussed in committee

CULT DEVE INTA IMCO TRAN 26-01-2016 - 15:39

The priorities of the Dutch Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers are being outlined to parliamentary committees by Dutch ministers at a series of meetings, between 11 and 14 January and continuing this week. (Lue lisää)


Development MEPs call for action to target tax evasion in developing countries

DEVE 01-06-2015 - 18:01

Development MEPs called on companies in all countries to adopt country-by-country reporting and make all information public in order to fight tax evasion and illicit money flows in developing countries, in a resolution adopted on Monday afternoon. It also called on the EU's financial institutions to ensure that companies receiving EU support do not participate in tax evasion and avoidance. (Lue lisää)


Empowering women in Africa: debate with Sakharov laureate Dr Denis Mukwege

DEVE 11-05-2015 - 11:01

Dr Denis Mukwege will join the Development Committee to debate how empowering women in Africa can foster the overall development of societies and why addressing health and human security is a prerequisite for progress in developing countries. Dr Mukwege was awarded the Sakharov Prize 2014 for his work for the victims of sexual violence in Eastern Congo's Kivu provinces. (Lue lisää)


Development MEPs urge EU countries to stick to foreign aid commitments

DEVE 20-04-2015 - 18:48

Development MEPs urged EU member countries to respect their Official Development Assistance (ODA) target of 0.7% of national income and to set timetables for reaching it by 2020. It also highlighted the need to mobilise domestic resources efficiently in developing countries and stressed the importance of private-sector contributions in a resolution on financing development adopted on Monday. (Lue lisää)


TTIP talks: EP committees discuss their recommendations for negotiators

DEVE INTA 24-02-2015 - 18:58

Concern about the lack of tangible progress in TTIP talks were voiced by International trade MEPs who on Tuesday debated their draft recommendations for the TTIP negotiators. Lively discussion concerned the investor-to-state dispute-settlement clause, dubbed unnecessary by the chair, Bernd Lange (DE, S&D). Meanwhile, the development committee adopted an opinion stressing the impact of TTIP on developing countries and calling for the deal to have an explicit reference to development policy. (Lue lisää)


Latvian Presidency priorities discussed by EP committees


The priorities of Latvia’s EU Council Presidency will be outlined to the various parliamentary committees by Latvian ministers in a series of meetings to be held during the last two weeks of January. (Lue lisää)


Ebola crisis needs EU action plan with concrete measures, say development MEPs

DEVE 17-11-2014 - 19:49

The EU should come up with a detailed action plan to combat the spread of the Ebola virus, Development Committee MEPs told Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Christos Stylianides on Monday, after he briefed them on his four-day trip to the affected countries. MEPs highlighted the need to invest in these countries' health systems and not to reduce the EU humanitarian aid budget. (Lue lisää)


MEPs pave the way for European Year for Development 2015

DEVE 12-11-2014 - 10:17

The designation of 2015 as European Year for Development (EYD), with the motto “Our world, our future, our dignity”, coined by MEPs, is an opportunity that must be taken to raise citizens’ awareness of the EU's contribution to fighting hunger and eradicating poverty worldwide, said MEPs on Tuesday afternoon, in their first debate on possible EYD activities. The EYD must also anchor “development thinking” in institutions around the world, they added. (Lue lisää)