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Extraordinary INTA meeting

29-06-2015 - 17:16

Extraordinary meeting of INTA Committee - Monday, 29 June 2015, from 16.30 to 18.30.

The next INTA meeting will take place on 13 and 14 July 2015.

Draft Agenda and the highlights of this meeting coming soon.

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Consideration of plenary amendments on TTIP

29-06-2015 - 17:13

The INTA Committee decided that all plenary amendments and requests for split and separate votes, that were tabled to the Report containing EP's recommendations to the Commission for the negotiations of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement (TTIP) (A8-0175/2015), should be put to vote in Plenary. 

Following the postponement of the vote on TTIP Report, scheduled initially for June Plenary, the INTA Committee had been asked to consider the amendments before the item could be put on the Plenary agenda.

The vote in INTA has been a procedural prerequisite to proceed with the vote in Plenary.

Stopping trade in inhumane equipment

25-06-2015 - 14:43

During the extraordinary meeting INTA Members also considered a draft Report on the revamping of the "Anti-torture Regulation" (EC) No1236/2005, controlling exports of items that could be misused for capital punishment and torture.

The ongoing legislative update will enhance the oversight by covering brokering services and technical assistance.

The rapporteur (Marietje Schaake, ALDE) wants to strengthen the regulation by including into its scope ancillary services, transit and adding a "catch-all" clause for non-listed items.

INTA mission to Genoa and Milan EXPO 2015

24-06-2015 - 17:19
Logo of Expo 2015 in Milan and EU flag

INTA Members visit Genoa and Milan EXPO 2015

On 18-19 June 2015, an eight member delegation of INTA attended the Milan World EXPO 2015, dedicated to the food security and sustainability of the global food system.

With INTA covering legislation and agreements on trade facilitation, external aspects of customs and commodity trade in its' work, MEPs visited the EXPO pavilions showcasing innovative solutions and exchanged ideas with key stakeholders, contributing to the debate on the global food security.

Ahead of the visit to Milan, INTA Members also visited the Port of Genoa in order to learn more about trade flows, port operations and customs procedures.

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TTIP: les députés ouvrent la voie pour un vote en plénière

INTA 29-06-2015 - 18:00

Les députés de la commission du commerce international ont ouvert, ce lundi, la voie à un vote en plénière sur le projet de recommandations du Parlement pour les négociateurs du partenariat transatlantique de commerce et d'investissement (TTIP), en redéposant les amendements de la plénière de juin qui avaient été renvoyés en commission du commerce international pour examen. (Lire la suite)


Nouveau calendrier pour le TTIP: le sort des 116 amendements fixé le 29 juin

INTA 16-06-2015 - 11:32

La commission du commerce international organisera une réunion extraordinaire le 29 juin à Bruxelles afin de déterminer si les 116 amendements présentés au projet de recommandations du Parlement pour les négociateurs du partenariat transatlantique de commerce et d'investissement (TTIP) devraient être votés par le Parlement dans son ensemble. C'est ce qu'ont décidé lundi les groupes politiques présents au sein de la commission. (Lire la suite)

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29-06-2015 - 16:32
INTA Réunion
17-06-2015 - 10:33

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