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Next TRAN meeting

25-02-2015 - 12:03

The next TRAN meeting will take place from Monday 16 March 15.00 p.m. to Tuesday 17 March 18:30 p.m. in Brussels in JAN 2Q2 (József Antall building). The meeting will be webstreamed.

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Latvian Presidency priorities on Tourism

25-02-2015 - 12:05
Latvian Presidency logo

The Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Economics, Ms Zaiga Liepiņa, presented the Latvian Presidency's priorities in the field of tourism in the TRAN Committee meeting on 24.02.15.

Presentation by the European Court of Auditors

13-02-2015 - 12:53
Urban transport globe

The European Court audited the performance of 26 public urban transport projects in eleven cities in five Member States. 

The Special Report evaluating the effectiveness of these EU-supported public urban transport projects was presented in the TRAN Committee meeting on 24.02.15.

New financial schemes for European transport infrastructure projects

13-02-2015 - 12:51
Pushpins on the map of Europe

The Christophersen-Bodewig-Secchi report focuses on the identification of projects along corridors particularly suited for the CEF financial instruments. It also includes proposals to improve the framework for investing in transport infrastructure.

The report was presented by the authors in the TRAN meeting on 24.02.15.

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24-02-2015 - 15:14
TRAN Réunion
24-02-2015 - 09:09
TRAN Réunion

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