Une commission peut organiser une audition d'experts lorsqu'elle estime que celle-ci est indispensable pour ses travaux sur une question déterminée. Les auditions peuvent aussi être conduites conjointement par deux commissions ou plus. La plupart des commissions organisent régulièrement des auditions, qui leur permettent de connaître les points de vue d'experts et de débattre sur de grands enjeux. Vous trouverez sur la présente page tous les renseignements utiles sur les auditions organisées par les commissions, notamment les programmes et les interventions des orateurs.

28-06-2018 - PEST Hearing on authorisation of plant protection products by Member States

PEST 20-06-2018 - 10:02
EU countries flags on a blue sky background

On 28 June 2018, the PEST Committee will hold a public hearing on the “Authorisation of plant protection products by Member States”. At the hearing, representatives of the respective national competent authorities from Belgium, Romania and Spain, as well as the Secretary General of COPA-COGECA and Mr Mesnage of King's College London will answer questions raised by Committee members. (Lire la suite)



LIBE 14-06-2018 - 12:06
Facebook/Cambridge Analytica

On 4 June 2018, the LIBE Committee – in association with the ITRE, AFCO and JURI Committees – held the first part of the hearing on the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica case. (Lire la suite)

25-06-2018 - State Aid and EU funding - Are they compatible?

CONT 11-06-2018 - 13:29
CONT hearing on 25 June 2018

On Monday 25 June 2018, the Budgetary Control Committee (CONT) is organising a public hearing entitled "State aid and EU funding - Are they compatible?". (Lire la suite)

21-06-2018 - Hearing Trafficking of women and children in the context of migration

LIBE 20-06-2018 - 08:17
Hearing on Trafficking of women and children in the context of migration

On 21 June from 10.30 to 12.30 the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs will hold, in association with Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality, a public hearing on "Trafficking of women and children in the context of migration. The new slavery of our times". (Lire la suite)

21-06-2018 - Hearing on "Conversions, Divisions and Digitalisation - new EU company law tools"

JURI 19-06-2018 - 17:37
thee title of the hearing and date, time. behind blurred images of working day situations

On 21 June 2018, the Committee on Legal Affairs will hold a public hearing on “Conversions, Divisions and Digitalisation - new EU company law tools”. At the hearing both academic and interest groups views will be represented. The Members will discuss with experts the two new tools - conversions and divisions - proposed to be added to the company law toolbox by the Commission. (Lire la suite)

21-06-2018 - Lessons learnt from the Paradise Papers

TAX3 15-06-2018 - 12:01
TAX3 Special Committee - Public hearing on "Lessons learnt from the Paradise Papers” of 21 June 2018

After the informative workshop held by the committee on crypto currencies, digitalisation and the European Semester, next 21 June 2018, in the morning, the committee will host a hearing entitled "Lesson learnt from the Paradise Papers". The hearing will be structured in two panels. (Lire la suite)

20-06-2018 - Implementation of the EMFF: Achievements since 2014 and perspectives after 2020

PECH 06-06-2018 - 10:25

On Wednesday 20 June 2018, PECH Committee is organising a public hearing in order to discuss the achievements since the implementation of the European Maritime Fisheries Fund in 2014. Various experts will be giving their presentations and have an open debate with the PECH Members on these achievements but also on the perspectives of the EMFF after 2020. (Lire la suite)

20-06-2018 - Gender Budgeting: State of Play and way forward - Hearing - 20.6.2018

FEMM 20-06-2018 - 13:49
Gender Pay Gap

The Council of Europe defines gender budgeting as a 'gender based assessment of budgets incorporating a gender perspective at all levels of the budgetary process and restructuring revenues and expenditures in order to promote gender equality'. The FEMM Committee wants to discuss this sensitive issue especially in the framework of the future MFF and in relation to the implementation of the Daphne program. (Lire la suite)

20-06-2018 - Public hearing on Digitalisation in transport

TRAN 06-06-2018 - 13:52
Digitalisation in transport

The hearing seeks to understand better the impact of digitalisation in transports. In particular, the Committee on Transport and Tourism has recognised that digitalisation must continue being one of the top priorities for the transport sector in order to foster its attractiveness and ensure its strong economic position in Europe and vis-à-vis third countries. (Lire la suite)

19-06-2018 - Joint hearing on assessing the flow of external EU migration funding

BUDG CONT AFET DEVE 18-06-2018 - 12:07
Rohingya refugees

On Tuesday 19 June 2018, the Committees on Budget (BUDG), Budgetary Control (CONT), Foreign Affairs (AFET) and Development (DEVE) are jointly organising a public hearing entitled ‘Assessing the flow of external EU migration funding’. (Lire la suite)