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Award of concessions contracts - COD

IMCO 08-02-2016 - 14:23
Philippe Juvin © European Union

Alongside the on-going reform of public procurement, the IMCO committee considered the Commission proposal on concessions contracts. This initiative sought to ensure a more efficient allocation of public money by establishing a single instrument regulating the competitive award of concessions contracts.

The proposed rules aimed at increasing legalcertainty for public authorities by establishing for the first time EU widerules to define the notion of risk and affirm important principles, such asfree administration and services of general economic interest.


    EP resolution of 15 January 2014
    Press release

Consolidated texts of the agreement

    Corrigendum to Directive 2014/23/EU of the EP and of the Council of 26 February 2014
    Concessions: corrigendum

Four-column document

    Four-column Concessions

Final report

    Final Report


    Timetable 21/11/2012
    Timetable 13/04/2012
    Timetable 15/02/2012

Official Documents

    AM Volume I_ EN
    AM Volume II_ EN
    AM Volume III_ EN
    AM Vol I_Original version
    AM Vol II_Original version
    AM Vol III_Original version
    Draft Report - FR
    Draft Report - EN
    Consolidated version of draft report - for information purposes only

Studies and Briefing Papers on Award of Concessions Contracts

    Risk of Corruption in Concession Contracts
    Economic Analysis of the Closure of Markets and other Dysfunctions
    Analytical overview of the Legal Framework of EU MS regarding the Awarding of C.C.
    Award of Concession contract

Workshop on Award of Concessions Contracts

    Recordings in original language
    Recordings in English translation
    Presentation by S.Saussier - Sorbonne Business School
    Presentation by J.Ziekow - German Research Institute for Public Administration Speyer
    Presentation by T.Soreide - University of Bergen
    Presentation by F.Schmitz-Grethlein - FPS Rechtsanwaelte & Notare

Presentation of e-procurement platforms to commissioner Barnier and EP members

    Programme of the event
    Presentation C. Schmidt - eTendering in Germany on federal level
    Presentation by G.Roulland - The French Public Procurement Platform

Public hearing on the Award of Concessions Contracts

    Presentation by Michael Burnett - EIPA
    Presentation by Rainer Plassmann - CEEP
    Position paper by Groupe Vinci
    Position Paper by BDEW
    Presentation by BDEW
    Presentation by Patrick Verhoeven - ESPO
    Presentation by Stéphane Saussier - Sorbonne Business School
    Notice to members

IMCO documents

    IMCO Working document Concessions EN
    IMCO Working document Concessions FR
    IMCO Working document Concessions DE

European Commission documents

    Presentation of the Impact assessment
    Proposal by the European Commission
    Impact assessment