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Upcoming INTA meeting

16-01-2015 - 11:03

The next meeting of INTA Committee will take place on Wednesday, 6 May 2015 from 9.00 to 18.30 (room JAN 6Q2) and on Thursday, 7 May 2015 from 9.00 to 12.30 (Room ASP 5G-3).

See the
Draft Agenda and the highlights of this meeting below.

Please note that the meeting will be web-streamed (apart from the "in camera" parts) and can be followed live on-line on 6 and 7 May 2015 beginning at 9.00.

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Debate with Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström, 6 May at 16.30

30-04-2015 - 12:03

Commissioner Malmström will debate with INTA Members the way forward  to resolve in the best manner disputes by foreign investors in the context of TTIP, known as Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS). 

Some MEPs are in favour of reforming the current international arbitration mechanism by introducing a series of improvements such as greater transparency, appeals and a code of conduct for arbitrators.  Other MEPs have concerns that the awards granted by such tribunals can have a deterrent effect on regulators and are therefore against such a mechanism and some are see a permanent investment court staffed by permanent judges as the solution.

Under the point on "Structured Dialogue between the European Parliament and the Commission", the Trade Commissioner will also discuss with INTA Members initiatives put forward by the Commission in it's work programme to be launched in 2016.

Committee debate on "Trade facilitation" Agreement, 6 May at 15.30

30-04-2015 - 12:03
Debate over TTIP rages on as opposers warn of lowering standards, while advocates see a potential boon for wealth and growth on both sides of the Atlantic.

INTA Members will discuss "Protocol Amending the Marrakesh Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization", known as "Trade Facilitation Agreement"

According to the World Trade Organisation, trade facilitation can be defined as "removing obstacles to the movement of goods across borders (e.g. simplification of customs procedures)" - in other words ensuring that goods can move across borders and through customs as speedily and in the least burdensome way possible. This agreement is expected to bring significant economic benefits, in particular to developing countries and least developed countries.

In December 2013, the 159 members of the WTO (which includes the EU and the Member States) agreed on a binding international agreement on trade facilitation, the first multilateral agreement since the WTO was created in 1995.

The European Parliament, through the Committee on International Trade, has to grant its consent to the "Trade facilitation Agreement" in order for the EU to be a party to it.

EC-Uzbekistan Partnership and Cooperation Agreement: INTA hears from experts on forced and child labour, 7 May at 9.00

30-04-2015 - 11:58
Man with cotton harvest

Extension of the provisions of the EC-Uzbekistan Partnership and Cooperation Agreement to bilateral trade in textiles (2010/0323(NLE))

Members of INTA Committee will debate with the ILO representatives  and other stakeholders the use of forced and child labour during the cotton harvest in Uzbekistan.This annual debate is the result of the decision by the European Parliament not to give consent to the EU-Uzbekistan Textile Protocol until the conditions laid down in its 2011 Interim report were met.

Members of INTA Committee will debate with the ILO representatives and other stakeholders the use of forced and child labour during the cotton harvest in Uzbekistan.This annual debate is the result of Parliament's decision to not give consent to EU/Uzbekistan Textile Protocol until its conditions laid down in the 2011Interim report were met.

Votes on 7 May at 10.00

28-04-2015 - 11:15
Committee vote

INTA will vote on the following files:

- Draft Report, by the rapporteur Ms Alessia Mosca,on the Commission's "Intellectual property rights (IPR) strategy in third countries". There were 159 amendments tabled to the draft report and a number of compromise amendments agreed. The vote in INTA is to take place on 7 May and plenary vote is foreseen for June session in Strasbourg.

- Draft Opinion to the "Seals Regulation"
which adopted by the EP in 2009 set a general ban on the placement of these products on the Union's market, with the exception of the products derived from hunts traditionally conducted by Iniut and other indigenous communities, as well as with the exception of seals hunted for reasons of sustainable management of marine resources (MRM).

This legislation was challenged by Canada and Norway in the World Trade Organization. The WTO did not find these exceptions entirely justified. A new regulation which complies with the WTO decision has to be in place by October 2015. However, the new EC proposal has ushered in a deep debate on the living conditions of the Inuit as well as environmental and conservationist concerns. Amendments have been tabled in different political dimensions.

Derniers communiqués de presse


Litiges entre investisseur et État dans le TTIP: débat avec Mme Malmström

INTA 06-05-2015 - 11:59

De nouvelles propositions sur la meilleure manière de résoudre les litiges entre les investisseurs étrangers et les États dans le cadre de la mise en œuvre de l'accord sur le partenariat transatlantique de commerce et d'investissement, en cours de négociation entre l'UE et les États-Unis, seront débattues par la commission du commerce international et la commissaire au commerce, Cecilia Malmström, ce mercredi à partir de 16h30. (Lire la suite)


Minerais des conflits: des règles pour limiter le financement des groupes armés

INTA 14-04-2015 - 15:59

Les fonderies et raffineries de l'UE importateurs de minéraux et de métaux "des conflits" devront être certifiés par l'UE pour aider à endiguer le flux de revenus vers les groupes armés, selon un projet législatif tel que modifié en commission du commerce international. D'autres modifications fixent les conditions pour la reconnaissance de l'UE des régimes d'auto-certification de l'industrie, et les exigences en matière d'étiquetage. Ces amendements doivent encore être approuvés par la plénière. (Lire la suite)


TTIP: désaccords sur la protection des données, les services et l'environnement

INTA 14-04-2015 - 09:56

898 amendements au projet de résolution sur les progrès réalisés dans le cadre des négociations avec les États-Unis à propos du partenariat transatlantique de commerce et d'investissement (TTIP), ont fait l'objet d'un débat en commission du commerce international lundi. (Lire la suite)

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