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Prochaine réunion PECH

18-12-2014 - 10:59
Next week, MEPs vote on limiting the use of GMOs, hear what Europe should do about Ebola, meet the Colombian President and bid farewell to Herman Van Rompuy.

La prochaine réunion de la commission de la pêche aura lieu à Bruxelles les:

  • lundi 30 mars 2015 de 15h00 à 18.30 et
  • mardi 31 mars 2015 de 9h00 à 12.30 dans la salle: Altiero Spinelli (ASP) 1G2

Veuillez noter que contrairement à ce que l'ordre du jour indique, point 4 sera prise juste après le point 10.

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Multiannual plan for multispecies of the Baltic Sea

26-03-2015 - 10:49
Different species of fish

On 31 March, the PECH Committee will vote on the multiannual plan for multispecies of the Baltic Sea. This is the first management plan to be presented by the Commission under the new CFP. It sets management targets for cod, sprat and herring in order to achieve a better management of the stocks as they interact.

Two new studies from Policy Department B

26-03-2015 - 10:42
Study on Fisheries in Azores

Fisheries in Azores Small-scale fisheries

Policy Department B has recently a study on Fisheries in Azores and another on Small-Scale Fisheries and the Zero Discard Rate

The first study was prepared as an information note for PECH's mission to Portugal to held from 7 to 10 April 2015. The note describes fisheries in Azores and related activities.

The aim of the second study is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the discard problem on small-scale fisheries in Europe in order to put forward recommendations and policy-relevant advice for decision-makers.

Study on Alternative Solutions for Driftnet Fisheries

26-03-2015 - 10:17
Alternative solutions for driftnet fisheries

If you would like to know more about alternative solutions for driftnet fisheries then the latest study from Policy Department B might be what you are looking for.

Furthermore, on 30 March, the PECH Committee will listen to a presentation on a study on "Alternative solutions for driftnet fisheries" by Mr Antonello Sala. Driftnets fisheries is a hot topic since last year, the Commission presented a proposal for a total ban on driftnet fisheries. The PECH Committee will then vote on the draft report on the Commission proposal prepared by the rapporteur Renata Briano on 14 April 2015.

Study on Criteria for Allocating Access to Fishing in the EU

20-03-2015 - 11:32
Poster for Criteria for Allocating Access to Fishing in the EU

This study proposes a set of criteria and indicators for the purpose of allocating fishing opportunities in EU Member States, which according to Article 17 of the new CFP should include those of an environmental, social and economic nature.

The proposed criteria and indicators should be applicable in a wide range of circumstances therefore the term allocation in this study should be understood in a broad sense referring to any aspect of giving access to fishing opportunities.
If you are interested to know more on the subject than you can follow the presentation of this study by Kim Stobberup which be held on 31 March at the PECH committee meeting.

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PECH Réunion
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PECH Réunion

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