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Prochaine réunion PECH

18-12-2014 - 10:59
Next week, MEPs vote on limiting the use of GMOs, hear what Europe should do about Ebola, meet the Colombian President and bid farewell to Herman Van Rompuy.

La prochaine réunion de la commission de la pêche aura lieu à Bruxelles les:

  • lundi 23 février 2015 de 15h00 à 18.30 et
  • mardi 24 février 2015 de 9h00 à 12.30 et de 15h00 à 18.30 dans la salle: Paul-Herni Spaak (PHS) 4B001

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Landing obligation - Press conference on the outcome of interinstitutional negotiations

29-01-2015 - 17:11
MEPs pledge to ensure personal data and undeclared worker rights are upheld, place a ban on discarding healthy fish and welcome the EU year of development for 2015.

The rapporteur for the landing obligation report, Alain Cadec, held a press conference to discuss the state of negotiations and agreements reached between the Parliament and the Council.

The discard ban / landing obligation is one of the main objectives of the reformed Common Fisheries Policy, approved by the EP in December 2013. Discards are fish thrown back into the sea, usually because they are of an unwanted species or size. Most of these die, thus making it a wasteful practice.

The "landing obligation" regulation is needed to adapt seven current EU laws which conflict with the new rules. The ban is to take effect gradually, in stages, between now and 2019.

Exchange of views

13-01-2015 - 11:22
Latvian Presidency logo

On Thursday 22 January PECH Members had two important exchanges of views with Minister of Agriculture Jānis Dūklavs, President of the Council of the EU for the Latvian Presidency and Karmenu Vella, Commissioner for Environment, Maritime and Fisheries.

During these discussions Members questioned the Latvian Presidency on their priorities during their 6 month term in the Council and discussed among other important issues the Commission proposal on driftnets with Commissioner Vella.

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Discard ban: MEPs delay enforcement of sanctions on fishermen who fail to comply

PECH 29-01-2015 - 13:05

Fishermen will have two years to “adapt” before sanctions for failing to comply with the new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) discard ban take effect, under a tentative deal struck by Parliament and Council on Thursday, with European Commission help. The agreement amends the “omnibus” regulation setting out detailed arrangements for enforcing the ban. (Lire la suite)


Les commissions parlementaires débattent des priorités de la présidence lettone


Les ministres lettons présenteront les priorités de la présidence lettone du Conseil devant les diverses commissions parlementaires, dans le cadre d'une série de réunions organisées pendant les deux dernières semaines de janvier. (Lire la suite)

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PECH Réunion
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PECH Réunion

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