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ECON committee meetings in October

29-09-2016 - 11:38

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Debate on possible suspension of structural funds for Spain and Portugal

ECON REGI 27-09-2016 - 17:39

Should EU Structural and Investment Funds for Spain and Portugal be suspended, following Council’s 12 July decision to trigger the “excessive deficit” procedure? MEPs from the Regional Development and Economic Affairs committees will debate a possible suspension of structural funds for Spain and Portugal with the EU Commission in Strasbourg on Monday 3 October, in room Louise Weiss N1.3, starting at 18.00. (Pročitaj više)


Euro area economy showed resilience after UK referendum, Mario Draghi tells MEPs

ECON 26-09-2016 - 18:36

The recovery in the euro area is expected to continue at a moderate and steady pace, but slower than envisaged in June due to a lower foreign demand outlook, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi told Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee members on Monday. On the positive side, he said that the euro area economy showed resilience to global and political uncertainty, notably following the UK referendum outcome. (Pročitaj više)


ECON committee unanimously rejects Commission’s investor protection proposals

ECON 01-09-2016 - 15:15

Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Committee rejected as “misleading” and flawed, proposals aimed at providing greater protection to consumers buying packaged financial products, and unanimously voted to send the proposals back to the European Commission for revision. (Pročitaj više)


Slovak Presidency priorities discussed in committee


The priorities of the Slovak Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers are being outlined to parliamentary committees by Slovak ministers at a series of meetings taking place in July, August and September. (Pročitaj više)

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