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European Year for Development 2015

Seminar on the Future of European Development Policy - Madrid

DCI: Establishing a financing instrument for development cooperation

Informal meeting with A. Mitchell, UK Secretary of State for International Development (24.05.2011)

Africa-EU taskforce 18-19 March 2010 (Brussels)

Progress towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals

Report by the delegation of the DEVE Committee to the Republic of Botswana (5-8 December 2009)

Study requested by the Committee on Development


DEVE meeting dates for 2014

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3 September 2014: DEVE Committee meeting

22 July 2014: DEVE Committee meeting

25 March 2014: DEVE Committee meeting

19 February 2014: Extraordinary DEVE meeting with UNDP

27 January 2014: Joint AFET/DEVE Committee meeting

20/21 January 2014: DEVE Committee meeting

18 December 2013: DEVE Committee meeting

4 December 2013: Vote on compromise for 2014-2020 Development Cooperation Instrument

DEVE Committee meeting on 18 and 19 February 2013

DEVE Committee meeting on 8 December 2011

DEVE Committee meeting on 5 December 2011

DEVE Committee meeting on 15 June 2011

DEVE Committee meeting on 14 June 2011

DEVE Committee meeting on 25 January 2010

DEVE Committee meetings, speeches etc. in 2009

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Welcome words

Welcome to the website of the Committee on Development (DEVE). I have had the honour of being Chair of the committee since July 2014.
Nearly a billion people around the world live in extreme poverty. Many more face hunger and disease or have no access to healthcare or education. Yet global development efforts, under the framework of the Millennium Development Goals, have led to measurable progress, and we have seen millions being lifted out of poverty in recent years. At the same time however, we are also see growing inequalities and need to find ways to make economic growth more beneficial for a greater number of people.
The EU’s contribution to supporting development is vital and parliamentary support and scrutiny is an important element. Our committee participates in deciding the budget for EU aid spending, we keep a close watch on the European Commission, External Action Service and all those using EU aid funds, and we push for better coordination between donor countries and agencies. We participate in making the laws that frame EU development aid. We also meet with officials, stakeholders and experts from around the world to discuss solutions and hear what's really needed on the ground. I invite you to regularly check the news and announcements, consult meeting documents or even watch our committee meetings live as they happen.
Linda McAvan