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Air quality legislation: MEPs strike deal with Council

ENVI 01-07-2016 - 16:58

Plans for more ambitious national caps on emissions of key pollutants by 2030, including NOx, particulates and sulphur dioxide, were informally agreed by MEPs and the Dutch presidency of the Council on Thursday. Air pollution causes about 400,000 premature deaths in the EU per year. The agreement now needs to be endorsed by the Environment Committee and Parliament as a whole. (Seguito)


MEPs and ministers agree to beef up official food checks from farm to fork

ENVI 16-06-2016 - 18:19

Draft plans to tighten up official controls from farm to fork were informally agreed by food safety MEPs and the Dutch Presidency of the Council on Wednesday. It aims to guarantee that the food consumers buy and eat in Europe is safe and wholesome, hence improving consumer’s health and preventing food crises. (Seguito)


Medical devices: Health Committee MEPs approve stricter EU safety requirements

ENVI 15-06-2016 - 17:17

Plans for stricter monitoring and certification procedures to ensure full compliance and traceability of medical devices, such as breast or hip implants, were backed by Health Committee MEPs on Wednesday. MEPs also approved legislation to tighten up information and ethical requirements for diagnostic medical devices used for example in pregnancy or DNA testing. Both files were informally agreed with the Dutch Presidency of the Council. (Seguito)


Health Committee MEPs ask Parliament to veto energy drink “alertness” claims

ENVI 15-06-2016 - 17:11

Sugary drinks and energy drinks containing caffeine should not display claims that they help increase alertness or concentration, as this would encourage high consumption of sugar among adolescents, who are the largest group of energy drink consumers, said Health committee MEPs in a resolution voted on Wednesday. (Seguito)

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