Una commissione può organizzare un'audizione di esperti, ove ciò sia ritenuto essenziale ai fini del proprio lavoro su un determinato tema. Le audizioni possono anche essere tenute congiuntamente da due o più commissioni. La maggior parte delle commissioni organizza audizioni regolarmente in quanto consentono di consultare esperti e discutere temi fondamentali. Questa pagina contiene tutte le informazioni disponibili riguardo alle audizioni delle commissioni, compresi i programmi e i contributi degli oratori.

13-07-2016 - The future of the sugar market after the abolition of sugar quotas in 2017

AGRI 26-07-2016 - 15:56

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AGRI organised a hearing on "The future of the EU sugar market after the abolition of sugar quotas in 2017". Seven experts were invited to address Members: H. Bleckwenn, North German Umbrella Association of Sugar Beet Growers, J.-I. Senovilla, Union of Small Farmers, P. Myllymäki, MTK Sugarbeet Committee, L. Girol, European Sugar Refineries Association, P. Giry, Saint Louis Sucre, G. Tamburini, Unionzucchero and K. Nykiel, National Union of Sugar beet planters. (Seguito)

21-06-2016 - Improving European Plant Protein Supplies

AGRI 23-06-2016 - 11:40

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AGRI organised a hearing on "Improving European Plant protein supplies". Five experts were invited to address Members and reply to their questions: Prof. Dr. Bernhard C. Schäfer, South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences, Germany; Dr. Andrzej Gąsowski, Institute of Political Science of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University, Poland; Matthias Krön, Danube Soya Association, Austria; Maria Pelletier, Moulin Marion, France and David Mc Naughton, Soya UK, United Kingdom. (Seguito)

25-05-2016 - New exceptional market measures limiting milk production

AGRI 17-08-2016 - 14:59

The comAGRI organised a hearing on New exceptional market measures limiting milk production. For this purpose, the Committee received Mr Hans Hoogeven, Vice-Minister of agriculture of the Netherlands, representing the Council, and Mr Joost Korte, Deputy Director General in DG AGRI, representing the European Commission. (Seguito)

25-04-2016 - Implementation of European legislation in the agricultural sector

AGRI 03-05-2016 - 14:43

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AGRI organised on 25 April a hearing on the implementation of European legislation in the agricultural sector. Four experts were invited to address Members and reply to their questions: Mr Niels Lindberg Madsen from the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, Dr Antal Szabadkai, Former Secretary General of the Union of Agrarian Employers, Mr Albert Jan Maat, Former-President of the Copa-Cogeca and President of LTO Netherlands, and Mr Robert Hoste from the University and Research Centre of Wageningen. (Seguito)

23-02-2016 - Tools to reduce price volatility in Agricultural Markets

AGRI 02-03-2016 - 09:23

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The AGRI Committee organised a hearing on how to reduce price volatility on agricultural markets in the context of the CAP, a topic which AGRI will soon be dealing with via an initiative report attributed to Angélique Delahaye (EPP, FR). Five experts were invited to address Members and reply to their questions. (Seguito)

01-12-2015 - Hearing on New Techniques for Plant Breeding

AGRI 05-01-2016 - 13:07
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The aim of this hearing was to offer Members a better understanding of the main current issues and to encourage a general discussion on the future prospects of plant breeding in the EU. The hearing was divided into two sessions: a first part focussed on the state of play and priorities for science and research in this area, and a second part with the views of stakeholders. Debates followed presentations made by experts on both parts. (Seguito)

15-09-2015 - Hearing on the Territorial implementation of the CAP

AGRI 07-10-2015 - 11:23

The hearing was held under the Presidency of Mr Siekierski, and the leadership of Mr Dantin. It allowed high representatives of various regions from different Member States to detail how they implement locally the second pillar of the CAP and have the ambition to present a pragmatic and concrete follow-up of the CAP reform. (Seguito)

23-02-2015 - Cloning of animals for farming purposes (joint hearing)

AGRI ENVI 02-03-2015 - 14:05
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On 23 February, the ENVI and AGRI Committees hosted a joint public hearing on the cloning of animals for farming purposes. MEPs debated with experts on issues related to the animal cloning technique and on the impact of the Commission proposals for two Directives on this matter. (Seguito)

27-01-2015 - The Milk Package and prospects for the dairy sector

AGRI 29-04-2015 - 17:47


In a hearing on 27 January, the AGRI Committee evaluated the effects of the recent milk package and looked at prospects for the dairy sector after the impending expiry of the quota system. (Seguito)