Una commissione può organizzare un'audizione di esperti, ove ciò sia ritenuto essenziale ai fini del proprio lavoro su un determinato tema. Le audizioni possono anche essere tenute congiuntamente da due o più commissioni. La maggior parte delle commissioni organizza audizioni regolarmente in quanto consentono di consultare esperti e discutere temi fondamentali. Questa pagina contiene tutte le informazioni disponibili riguardo alle audizioni delle commissioni, compresi i programmi e i contributi degli oratori.

07-05-2015 - EEA-Switzerland: Obstacles with regard to the full implementation of internal market


On 7 May, IMCO Committee hold a hearing on EEA-Switzerland: Obstacles with regard to the full Implementation of the internal market. The Hearing was held in the context of the IMCO INI Report and provided for an exchange of views with experts allowing Members to benefit from their knowledge and share views and ideas regarding the transposition of the internal market acquis in the EEA EFTA States and Switzerland. (Seguito)

24-02-2015 - TTIP: Challenges and opportunities for the Internal Market

TTIP: Challenges and opportunities for the Internal Market - © European Parliament

IMCO and INTA Committee are organising a Joint Public Hearing on the 24th of February from 10h30 to 12h30. There will be two panels; the first "The impact of TTIP on standardisation and consumer protection standards" will focus on building trust. The second panel, "Creating the common engine for growth" will focus on the EU-US automotive sector and on the cooperation in the field of motor vehicles. (Seguito)

22-01-2015 - Why Europe needs a legal framework for customs sanctions

Poster of the Hearing

The first session was focus on the 28 Member States’ customs sanctioning systems. The second session discussed the impact of the lack of an EU legal framework on infringements and sanctions on the functioning of the single market and on economic operators. The best ways to address the issue and reduce the amount of infringements in the Customs Union was also discusssed. (Seguito)