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12-01-2015 - 11:50
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The next Committee meeting will be held on Monday 30 March (15.00 - 18.30) and Tuesday 31 March (09.00-12.30 - 15.00 - 18.30) in Brussels.

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Interparliamentary Committee Meeting (ICM): From COP 21 Paris to 2050

26-03-2015 - 11:03
Low carbon

On 30 March, the ENVI Committee will hold an ICM on "From COP 21 Paris to 2050: a roadmap towards an innovative low-carbon,resource-efficient Europe" that brings together ENVI Committee's MEPs and Members of the competent committees of the National Parliaments of the Member States.

Exchange of views with Vytenis Andriukaitis - Health & Food Safety Commissioner

18-03-2015 - 17:04
Vytenis Andriukaitis

On 26 March, the ENVI Committee will hold an exchange of views with Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis that will focus on the ongoing files (Medical devices, Veterinary medicinal products, official controls regulation, patient safety and fight against healthcare associated infections and antimicrobial resistance, alcohol strategy, cloning, novel food...), as well as on the health and food safety future developments for2015-2016. 

The Ebola Crisis - Josu Juaristi Abaunz (GUE/NGL - ES)

18-03-2015 - 16:59

On 26 March, the ENVI Committee will vote on the draft opinion "Ebola Crisis: the long-term lessons and how to strengthen health systems in developing countries to prevent future crises". In addition to a particular emphasis to educational and informative actions to raise awareness of symptoms and preventive measures, the rapporteur calls on the Commission to put in place control systems to ensure that the entire budget allocated is truly directed to the affected West African countries.

European Energy Security Strategy - Merja Kyllönen (GUE/NGL - FI)

18-03-2015 - 16:51
European Energy Security Strategy

On 26 March, the ENVI Committee will vote on the draft opinion "European Energy Security Strategy" which aims to strengthen Europe's energy resilience and reduce its import dependency. Links between energy security and energy and climate policy as well as objectives for increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy use are focal topics of amendments tabled by ENVI Members.   

Veterinary medicinal products and amending regulation

17-03-2015 - 13:42
Veterinary medecine

On 18 March, the ENVI Committee held a presentation by the Commission of the proposal on Veterinary medicinal products (Françoise Grossetête EPP/FR) and its amending regulation (Claudiu Ciprian Tănăsescu S&D/RO).

The Commission's proposal aims to tailor legislation on veterinary medicines to the needs of the veterinary sector whilst continuing to ensure a high level of public and animal health and a safe environment, in particular,the proposal on Veterinary medicinal products aims to make more medicines available in the EU to treat and prevent diseases in animals.

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Environment Committee backs switchover to advanced biofuels

ENVI 24-02-2015 - 17:16

A draft law to cap the production of traditional biofuels and accelerate the shift to alternative sources, such as seaweed and waste, was approved by the Environment Committee on Tuesday. It aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that result from the growing use of agricultural land to produce biofuel crops. (Skaityti daugiau)


Environment Committee backs ETS market reserve, advocates early start

ENVI 24-02-2015 - 17:11

A draft law to reform the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), by reducing the surplus of carbon credits available for trading into order to support the price, was backed by Environment Committee MEPs in a vote on Tuesday. They advocated introducing the mechanism early, by the end of 2018, and also proposed preventing the automatic return to the market, from 2019, of a portion of allowances “back loaded” last year in a separate vote. (Skaityti daugiau)

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