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Next AFET Meeting

21-05-2015 - 11:09
AFET meeting

AFET meeting in Brussels (room: JAN 2Q2):

- 26 May (Tuesday), 15.00-18.30

*** CANCELLED: AFET extraordinary meeting in Strasbourg on 21 May (Thursday) ***

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President of CAR and ICRC President

21-05-2015 - 10:45

On 26 May Members of the Committee on Foreign Affairs will meet the President of the Central African Republic, Catherine Samba-Panza. This timely exchange of views takes place after the conclusion of the Bangui Forum and the signature by armed forces and the transitional government of an agreement for demilitarisation, demobilisation and reintegration of combatants. On the same day AFET will debate also with Peter Maurer, President of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

2014 Progress report in Turkey

20-05-2015 - 17:56

Latest videos (see below): Statements by the Council and Commission and the press conference by Ms Kati Piri (AFET´s Rapporteur on the Progress Report in Turkey) after the vote in Plenary.

Elmar Brok: Fee-Free Visa for Young East European Neighbours

07-05-2015 - 11:22
Fee-Free Visa for Young East European Neighbours

Representatives of the Foreign Affairs and Defence Committees of the European Parliament and of EU National Parliaments met in Brussels on Tuesday to discuss the latest developments in the European neighbourhood. They highlighted that promoting people to people contacts is an essential element of confidence building for a more secure and stable neighbourhood, stressing in particular the key role of young people.

The Chair of Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, Elmar Brok, emphasised: 'young generations are the future of Europe and we should make sure that they can actively contribute to good relations between the EU, its eastern neighbours and Russia. Our doors and our minds must remain open to such a dialogue'. 

Brok and his colleagues from AFET and national parliaments called on Member States and the EU institutions to swiftly implement measures to introduce fee-free visa for travel to the EU in the summer period for students and young people from Eastern Partnership countries and Russia in order to promote dialogue and exchanges among them and with European youth.  

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament meets regularly with the foreign affairs and defence committees of national parliaments in order to strengthen the cooperation and exchange among parliaments on major foreign policy issues. The main topics discussed at the latest meeting were the review of the European Neighbourhood Policy, the preparations for the June European Council on defence and the political and security situation in Libya.

President of Georgia in AFET

05-05-2015 - 17:07
Flag of Georgia

AFET held an exchange of views with Giorgi Margvelashvili, President of Georgia, in view of the upcoming Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga (21-22 May), on 11 May. The discussion tackled the recent developments in Georgia, as well as the progress the country has made in the implementation of the Association Agreement signed in July 2014 with the EU, as well as of the Visa Liberalisation Action Plan.

Latest study / in-depth analysis / briefing / at a glance requested by the committee:

30-04-2015 - 16:02
European Security and Defense Research

AFET_549_032_European Security and Defense Research.jpg INTA-AFET_549_033_access to documents.jpg

- Enhancing Support for the European Security and Defence Research: Challenges and Prospects

- Comparative Study on Access to Documents (and Confidentiality Rules) in International Trade Negotiations

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EU needs to earmark money to withstand Russia, say Foreign Affairs MEPs

AFET 12-05-2015 - 11:45

As a return to "business as usual" with Russia is now out of the question, the EU should earmark specific funding to counter its propaganda and infiltration of EU politics and support independence movements there, say Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs in a resolution voted on Monday. EU countries should refrain from doing bilateral deals with Russia and step up their own collective efforts to withstand it, whilst retaining a return to cooperation with Russia as a long-term goal, they add. (Skaityti daugiau)


Turkey must put democracy and fundamental rights first, foreign affairs MEPs say

AFET 11-05-2015 - 18:55

Turkey must do more to fight corruption and enforce respect for media freedom, free expression and judicial independence, said Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs on Monday. In a resolution on the progress of reform in Turkey in 2014, MEPs also urge the EU to back Turkey’s efforts to build solid, democratic institutions and ensure respect for fundamental freedoms, human rights and the rule of law. Finally, it advocates stepping up EU/Turkey foreign policy cooperation. (Skaityti daugiau)


Russia has transformed Black Sea military landscape, say foreign affairs MEPs

AFET 05-05-2015 - 14:38

If Russia does not apply the Minsk ceasefire deals in full and return Crimea to Ukraine, the EU should step up sanctions and consider the possibility of providing Ukraine with defensive arms, say Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs in a resolution voted on Monday. Returning Crimea is vital to the EU’s long-run cooperation with Russia and EU countries must also step up their own defence capabilities, says the text, which looks at Black Sea Basin military changes since Russia illegally annexed Crimea. (Skaityti daugiau)

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AFET Chair

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