Kiti renginiai

Visi kiti vieši renginiai, kurie yra komitetų veiklos dalis ir kuriuose dalyvauja išorės pranešėjai ar ekspertai.

17-11-2016 - Changing working conditions in Europe: Moving towards better work

EMPL 15-11-2016 - 11:02

Organised jointly with Eurofound and the European Parliament Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, this conference will be an opportunity to present Eurofound’s sixth European Working Conditions Survey, providing fresh evidence to illuminate job quality and the working lives of Europeans at work and beyond. In particular, the survey maps changes in work over time, setting out the first comprehensive image of job quality in Europe since the Great Recession. (Skaityti daugiau)

08-11-2016 - Exchange of views on Posting of Workers

EMPL 11-11-2016 - 12:50
Posted workers

8 November Members had an exchange of views with stakeholders on the European Commission's proposal on amending the Posting of Workers Directive. For this exchange of views, academic experts and stakeholders from the social partners on European and sectoral level were invited. The EMPL Co-rapporteurs are Elisabeth Morin-Chartier (EPP, FR) and Agnes Jongerius (S&D, NL). (Skaityti daugiau)

12-10-2016 - Posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services

EMPL 11-11-2016 - 11:58

On 12 October Marianne Thyssen, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills, Social Affairs and Labour Mobility will present the proposition on a "A targeted revision of the rules on the Posting of Workers". The first reactions by Mr Luhos Blaha, Chair of the European Affairs Committee of the National Council of the Slovak Republic and by the EMPL Co-rapporteurs Elisabeth Morin-Chartier and Agnes Jongerius will be followed by an exchange of views between National Parliaments and Members. (Skaityti daugiau)

03-02-2015 - European Parliamentary Week

BUDG ECON EMPL 21-03-2016 - 15:17

The European Parliamentary Week (EPW) will take place on 3rd and 4th February 2015 at the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels. The EPW aims to bring together parliamentarians from all over the European Union to discuss economic, budgetary and social matters. (Skaityti daugiau)