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Next LIBE committee meetings

07-10-2015 - 10:10
Next week, MEPs vote on limiting the use of GMOs, hear what Europe should do about Ebola, meet the Colombian President and bid farewell to Herman Van Rompuy.

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Alleged transportation and illegal detention of prisoners in the EU by CIA

06-10-2015 - 14:16
What is new on the alleged CIA illegal detention and transfers of prisoners in Europe? Shutterstock

Migration, refugees, Schengen: debates. Access to Visa Information System: vote

29-09-2015 - 11:27
Ska Keller calls on Member States to assume responsibility and urgently relocate thousands of refugees to other EU countries.

Study on the CIA Rendition and Secret Detention Programme

29-09-2015 - 11:27
CIA Rendition and Secret Detention Programme

Study - Big Data and smart devices and their impact on privacy

29-09-2015 - 10:47
Big Data and Smart Devices

Study - Exploring new avenues for legislation for labour migration to the EU

29-09-2015 - 10:36
Labour migration to the EU

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Civil liberties committee to debate situation at Schengen internal borders

LIBE 30-09-2015 - 16:00

The civil liberties committee will debate the current situation at the borders inside the Schengen area in the wake of the temporary reimposition of border controls by some member states with Commission representatives on Thursday morning. The Commission is required to monitor the situation closely and keep Parliament and the Council fully informed under the Schengen Borders Code. (Skaityti daugiau)


Migration and refugee crisis: MEPs’ debate with UNHCR Guterres and EU Commission

LIBE DROI AFET 15-09-2015 - 14:30

Measures to deal with the migration and refugee crisis as well as the situation in transit countries in the Mediterranean region were debated at a joint hearing held by the Foreign Affairs, Home Affairs, Human Rights committees on Tuesday morning. MEPs expressed disappointment at the outcome of Monday’s Justice and Home Affairs Council meeting and urged EU to shoulder its responsibilities. (Skaityti daugiau)


Refugees: EU ministers failed to act, says Civil Liberties Committee Chair

LIBE 15-09-2015 - 10:09

"Member states have yet again failed to make tough decisions and provide a compassionate response to the refugee crisis", said the Chair of the European Parliament's Committee responsible for migration and asylum, Claude Moraes. "We are running out of time - the meeting on 8 October is the EU's final chance to agree an organised response to the biggest refugee crisis since World War II in Europe", he added. (Skaityti daugiau)

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LIBE Committee Chair

Džiaugiuosi galėdamas, kaip Piliečių laisvių, teisingumo ir vidaus reikalų (LIBE) komiteto pirmininkas, pasveikinti jus apsilankius šiame interneto puslapyje.

LIBE komitetas atsakingas už didžiąją dalį teisės aktų teisingumo ir vidaus reikalų politikos srityje ir šios politikos demokratinę priežiūrą. Vykdydamas savo veiklą jis užtikrina, kad ES būtų visapusiškai laikomasi Pagrindinių teisių chartijos, Europos žmogaus teisių konvencijos ir kad būtų stiprinama ES pilietybė.

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